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Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Events are designed to educate, enlighten and empower. Anyone interested in accelerated personal growth and power, the healing arts or personal healing is encouraged to take advantage of these events. Ask yourself: How ready Am I for a quantum leap? We look forward to meeting you soon in a PVH™ Event.



Being present in a PVH™ Clearing Event is an expansive and unique experience. Participants may feel a wide range of physical sensations, feelings and emotions. Most all feel a sense of “lightening”, as though a burden has been lifted from the body and consciousness. This “lightening” is a result of the lifting and transmutation of large quantities of discordant (and blocking) etheric matter from the physical and subtle physical (subtle energy) bodies. These transformational processes are individual experiences that are somewhat nebulous in their description, although it becomes apparent that something very powerful has just occurred that is transcendent in nature.

A participant at many of the events has described her experience in this article available on site. Your experience will be unique to you, as are your own issues and challenges. Ultimately, all attempt to describe them remains lacking. These clearings must be experienced in person to realize their full impact. Even then, you may find your own personal experience difficult to describe to others. We look forward to being of service to you soon in a PVH™ Event.

Free Introductory Evening:

Come out and meet Fred, a leading edge subtle energy and vibrational healer. Learn how vibrational healing techniques can: Accelerate your personal growth and consciousness, bring greater harmony to life experiences and synergistically increase healing abilities that assist yourself and others. Discover how you can free yourself from repetitious and limiting life patterns using Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ clearing technology. These are simple to use, highly effective procedures that enable you to direct your life with greater ease, health, power and ability. This presentation offers demonstrations that provide insight into Fred’s research findings and techniques in advanced personal healing. Bring along some friends for a stimulating evening of fun and sharing. If you’re ready for a quantum leap, start HERE!

7-10 P.M. TUITION: Gifted to The Public by Fred Payne

Group Attunement for Prosperity and Abundance:

Fred will facilitate clearings for the group by applying Sacred Geometry and the unique Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ clearing technology using Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols. He will assist participants in clearing negative and subliminal programming, stored in the subconscious mind, which can block our efforts to manifest prosperity and abundance in our life. In this short workshop and clearing session Fred will demonstrate how this negative subconscious programming impedes our ability to create the life that we choose. Once these negative and self-limiting programs are cleared they are replaced with positive and life nurturing thoughts that can assist us in manifesting a more prosperous reality. Another benefit provided this evening is a clearing of past life vows, contracts and agreements of poverty that may still be affecting us in the present.

7-10:30 P.M.

Group Healing to Clear a Primary Issue of Your Choice:

We all have a challenge we would like to overcome. Do you have an issue that keeps rearing its ugly self and keeps holding back some area of your life or a goal you wish to accomplish? This event is where you get to choose your own issue to which you are seeking relief. Fred will assist you in clearing the blockages and barriers in your subtle anatomy directly relating to this issue. There is also provided a clearing of the negative emotional energy stored in your energy field and physical body which are depleting life force energy and may be limiting your ability to heal this issue. This magnanimous clearing will span countless past lifetimes that are affecting your present. It will also clear the associated trauma stored in the body and energy field that can contribute to pain, fear and potential failure in this area of your life. Please bring an issue you wish to address. If you don’t have a specific issue, or can’t decide, guidance will be provided for optimal clearing potential. Please bring paper and pencil.

7-10:30 P.M. This event is beneficial to repeat – bring another issue to be cleared

Group Clearing to Promote Fulfilling Relationships:

In this combination workshop and healing event Fred will facilitate Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ clearing technology to assist us in removing blockages that will enhance our personal relationships with others. Also included will be attunements and empowerments to participate in relationships of all kinds in greater harmony. The group will also be given some powerful tools to manage conflict in relationships that can be applied in their daily life. Whether you’re seeking a new intimate relationship or simply want to improve relationships with family and business associates, these clearings, empowerments and tools will bring greater harmony to your life.

7-10:30 P.M.

Your Ascension Process and How To Cope With It:
An Evening of Education, Empowerments and Clearings

Are you having some bizarre occurrences in your life experience lately? Disruption of sleep patterns or spontaneous detoxification got you wondering what’s going on? This is the answer for the quantum weirdness you may be experiencing. You’re going to get some powerful knowledge, tools, techniques, empowerments and clearings to help ease this transformational process you’re undergoing. Handouts provided- Please bring a notepad.

7-10:30 P.M.

PHOENIX VIBRATIONAL HEALINGS: Level 1 Healing and Training Workshop

Advanced Techniques for Clearing Emotional Issues and Beyond:

This level 1 Training Workshop in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ is the beginning of a new paradigm of reality and awareness and fosters a major enhancement of your personal empowerment over your life, health, spiritual contact and consciousness.

With this first level you begin the journey to guide and direct your destiny and life circumstances according to your will and choosing. You will learn advanced techniques in Specialized Kinesiology, effective prayer for clearing purposes, basics of Vibrational Healing and more than 15 other advanced techniques of energetic healing for yourself and others.

The primary focus is on resolving emotional “baggage” and discordant “knee jerk” reactions to emotional stimuli from countless lifetimes. Another major benefit is the knowledge and ability to obtain guidance and information on any area of your life to assure direction on a moment to moment basis. Clearings are provided to remove all blocks and barriers that participants may have to accomplishing the techniques. Everyone will get it!

If you are ready for an accelerated new level of awareness and personal power, the opportunity is here now!

Bring your supplements for review, optional pendulum and six self-help/metaphysical books

Saturday and Sunday 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

PHOENIX VIBRATIONAL HEALING™ Level 2 Healing and Training Workshop:
Subtle Energy and Vibrational Healing

Weekend Intensive Schedule:

NOTE: Prerequisite for Level 2 is prior workshop Advanced Techniques for Clearing Emotional Issues and Beyond.

Saturday 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

Sunday 10 A.M.-6 P.M.


Saturday and Sunday 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

This is an extensive hands-on training workshop for healing practitioners, aspiring healers and those seeking accelerated personal growth. Wonderful healings often occur during and following the workshop. Come with the willingness to process.

PHOENIX VIBRATIONAL HEALING Level 3 Healing and Training Workshops:
Personal Life Force Retrieval on Saturday and The Radionic Prayer Code Card Workshop on Sunday

Retrieval of Personal Life Force Energy: ("Soul Retrieval") Training Workshop.

Prerequisite for this workshop: The PVH™ Level 1 Workshop

In this practitioner training workshop, participants will learn how to retrieve personal life force energy, for themselves and others. This work, sometimes referred to as "soul retrieval," retrieves back to your energy field, your own spiritual substance that has been fragmented and lost through traumatic or disempowering events in one's life. Many such fragmentations have occurred throughout our life under normal or even seemingly harmless circumstances. A minimal amount of this available energy is crucial to maintain health and extend life.

Learn how retrieving our personal life force energy can enhance our life experience and our ability to heal ourselves and assist others. It is a major component in the manifestation of our desires in the physical plane and protects us from discordant influences, boosts our immune systems and protects us from disease states.

The result of this work returns and accelerates one’s personal power and sovereign control in their life and experience!

You will experience and learn how to:

Saturday 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

Advanced Healing Workshop Utilizing the Radionic Prayer Code Card:
Developed and facilitated by FRED PAYNE

This intensive training and healing workshop contains the latest healing technology developed by Fred. In the workshop, you will receive this new advanced healing technology; the Radionic Prayer Code Card, and instructed in its use. The code card is infused with more than 500 Trillion Spiritual Frequencies and Healing Codes similar to the ones that Fred uses in his events and clearings. It aligns you into direct communication with the Creator of All That Is through your High Self to facilitate advanced clearing work. If you are a healer, you will not want to miss this event! By utilizing the Radionic Prayer Code Card, you will be able to keep yourself in a centered and balanced state, both physically and emotionally, every day.

With the training and use of the code card you will be able to clear nearly any form of discordant energy that you can name.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have taken the Level 1 workshop containing the advanced dowsing training and attunement as a prerequisite to this workshop.

Sunday 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

First Group Appointment:

This first group appointment is a vital step in one’s healing and evolution. The clearings are even more extensive that what was once available in a 3 hour private session with Fred. In this powerful healing event, Fred will assist participants in clearing the chronic blockages from the chakras, meridians, pranic energy centers, hara line, etheric bodies and nadis which impede the flow of vital life force. Increasing the flow of vital life force energy is essential for healing and rejuvenation of the body. A clearing of sub-conscious and un-conscious barriers that may be blocking or impeding one’s ability to heal, control and guide their lives and evolution is also provided. A full spiritual clearing is facilitated for the client and anyone living in their home. Altogether there are more that 80 empowerments and clearings provided in this event. Limited to only 20 participants

Arrival 6-6:30 P.M.–10:30 P.M.

Level Two Group Appointment:

This group appointment is available to those who have already had a First Group Appointment at least one month prior. The focus of a level two appointment is more issue oriented since the opening of the primary energetic faculties of the body and field have been facilitated by the First Group Appointment. Highlights include:

Many other clearings will be conducted to enhance your level of sovereign control over your life, consciousness, mental faculties, emotions, goals and desires.

Arrival 6-6:30 P.M./ Session 7-10:30 P.M.

Harmonizing Your Environment Workshop:

A practical, "hands-on" workshop about all types of noxious energies and disruptive energetic influences on property and in the living environment, with techniques for clearing/mitigating and balancing these influences for health and harmonious living.

You Will Learn About:

Information/Products available at this workshop result from many years of development and subtle energy research by Fred.

One Day Seminar 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

Sacred Geometry First Aid:

In this one day healing training workshop you will learn how to use Sacred Geometry for the clearing and mitigation of shock, panic, trauma and stress in regards to life incidents and techniques for the integration of positive goals for desired change. Learn how to reprogram undesirable subconscious programming that is contributing to self defeat and lack of progress in your life! Techniques for addressing crisis states will also be included. The workshop also teaches techniques for reconnecting the High, Middle and Low selves of an individual (and the conscious, subconscious and super conscious minds) for superior levels of communication/Guidance and to increase the effectiveness of prayer and other spiritual practices including energetic healing. You will receive an attunement to Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols to facilitate this reconnection process.

A prerequisite for this course is the first level workshop in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Level 1 Workshop - A $30 advance deposit is required for this event – You will receive a workshop manual to facilitate this work.

10 A.M.-6 P.M.

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