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Come and join us for what previous participants have called a "life changing" experience

EVENTS LOCATION: Holiday Inn – Worthington, OH I-270 North and Highway 23 in Columbus, OH

For registration and further information contact: Linda Eckstein 330-495-6354 or Fred Payne 859-361-3445 Please use to respond or reply.

A Free Introductory Evening:

Come out and meet Fred, a leading edge subtle energy researcher and vibrational healer. Learn how vibrational healing techniques can: Accelerate your personal growth and consciousness; bring greater harmony to life experiences and synergistically increase healing abilities that assist yourself and others. Discover how you can free yourself from repetitious and limiting life patterns using Phoenix Vibrational Healing clearing technology. These are simple to use, highly effective procedures that enable you to direct your life with greater ease, health, power and ability. This presentation offers demonstrations that provide insight into Fred's research findings and techniques in advanced personal healing. Bring along some friends for a stimulating evening of fun and sharing. If you're ready for a quantum leap, start HERE!

Monday September 15th 7-10:30 P.M.
TUITION: Gifted to Humanity by Fred Payne

Group Clearing to Promote Fulfilling Relationships:

In this combination workshop and healing event Fred will facilitate Phoenix Vibrational Healing clearing technology to assist us in removing blockages that will enhance our personal relationships with others and self. Also included will be attunements and empowerments to participate in relationships of all kinds in greater harmony. The group will also be given some powerful tools to manage conflict in relationships that can be applied in their daily life. Whether you're seeking a new intimate relationship or simply want to improve relationships with family and business associates, these clearings, empowerments and tools will bring greater harmony to your life.

Wednesday September 17th 7-10:30 P.M.
TUITION: $65.00

An Evening of Clearing and Healing:

This is a guided evening of clearings as directed by Spirit and our Higher Selves. This is a group healing appointment tailored specifically to the needs of those attending. A focus will be clearings that are needed to get blockages out of our bodies and energy fields so we can evolve with greater grace and ease. Fred will conduct research in real time and dozens of clearings will be conducted on a continual basis gauged by your highest need. Previous participants have touted this event to be among the most powerful and profound of any that they have attended with Fred. Note: This clearing session is available in absentia for those that can't attend in person. Please send a full body digital photo to or by mail and the $80 tuition fee by check to Fred Payne 204 Koster Dr., Lexington, KY 40503 Deadline to receive mailed photos is September10th or you may call and charge with a digital photo by e-mail. Please call if you have questions - 859/361-3445. An session by photo is just as effective as being there in person.

Friday September 19th 7-10:30 P.M.
TUITION: $80.00

Workshop in Sacred Geometry First Aid:

In this one day healing training workshop you will learn how to use Sacred Geometry for the clearing and mitigation of shock, panic, trauma and stress in regards to life incidents and techniques for the integration of positive goals for desired change. Learn how to reprogram undesirable subconscious programming that is contributing to self defeat and lack of progress in your life! Techniques for addressing crisis states will also be included. The number sequences that Fred uses in public healing events are included in this workshop. A short training session in techniques of bio-kinesiology (muscle testing) will start off the workshop as you will need this skill to conduct the clearings. Please RSVP by Sept. 11th if you plan to attend or call.

Sunday September 21st, 10 A.M.- 6:30 P.M.
TUITION: $130.00

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