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Techniques for Self-Empowerment

From your very first encounter with Phoenix Vibrational Healing™, you will soon discover that its foundation is in the art of self-empowerment. The human mind and consciousness are the most powerful tools we have, and are capable of fostering the creation of disease states and conditions as well as their clearing and healing.

Literature abounds in the self-improvement and healing fields regarding the role that the mind and consciousness play in the creation and resolution of disease states and all manner of challenges in the human condition. Basically, all of this literature is expounding the ancient Hermetic Principle or Cosmic Law known as the Law of Mentalism. The Law of Mentalism states that all that is, is a mental creation. We and everything in creation are the result of thought or mentation. We, and everything in existence, have been created out of the “Mind of God.” The human family, having been created in the likeness and image of the one infinite Creator of All That Is, create in this same way – through thought. We have been endowed with these same powerful co-creative capabilities.

As Above So Below

Another of the Hermetic Principles or Cosmic Laws is known as the Law of Correspondence, and it states: “As above, so below – as below, so above.” The same laws, powers, energies and abilities that govern the creation and operation of the microcosm of atomic and subatomic matter are the same that apply to the macrocosmic levels of universes and galaxies. Obviously, we human beings are composed of this same subatomic, atomic and elemental matter and are governed by these same universal principles. We, like the Creator, create with our thought. We literally mold material matter out of etheric substance and condense it down into denser vibratory states to become physical reality. This term “thought” also embraces the realm of human emotions and feelings, which are also a major constituent in our creation and healing processes.

The Subconscious

Unfortunately, much of the time we are simply unaware of what we are thinking, for much of our thought, emotion and feeling occurs at subconscious and unconscious levels. This tends to limit our knowledge of the dynamics of the creational and healing process. Even though we have been endowed with this extremely powerful co-creative capacity, we have not been properly instructed in its use. The human mind ultimately plays a compelling, co-creative role in the creation of matter and the healing of the human condition, but the mechanism whereby this occurs requires specific knowledge. We can do nothing about anything of which we are unaware. Therefore, advanced awareness and specific knowledge, is required in order to facilitate the healing arts.

The course of study in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ provides these greater levels of knowledge and awareness from one’s very first exposure. This allows the healer to effect and alter thought, emotions, feelings, and their resultant physical matter, empowering the individual to operate within the vibrational strata of subtle and physical matter. This enhanced ability to operate in consort with universal laws and principles allows us to positively affect our health, lives and circumstances. Ultimately, this is what self-empowerment is all about, is it not?

In addition, the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ course of study incorporates specific empowerment techniques to assist the aspiring healer in gaining the ability to work with and reorganize vibrational states of matter, thought and consciousness in order to accomplish healing activity. Although we may all know that our mind has this very powerful ability to create and discreate matter and reality, the specific knowledge and awareness required to do so is what eludes many in the healing arts. In essence, this specific knowledge is contained within the arts of mental and Spiritual alchemy as taught in the ancient Sacred Mystery Schools, and empowerment plays a crucial role in our ability to function within these subtle realms. Specific techniques are conducted throughout the course of study in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ that empower the healer to function upon and within these realms of matter and energy and effect change at causative levels.

A number of basic techniques of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ are included for your benefit in the following sections. We wish to thank you, the individual reading this, for your desire to educate yourself in order to help us all.

How to assume personal responsibility

Erasing negative thoughts and thought forms

Clearing discordant energy using Sacred Geometry

Would you like to release a major burden?

Clearing vibrational conflict from physical possessions

Grounding exercises-Keeping yourself in your body

How to Assume Personal Responsibility

The English language – and for that matter many other languages, including Hebrew – are Sacred Geometric constructions. In other words, the frequencies imparted through the written and spoken word provide specific vibrational frequencies that mold, alter and manifest physical and subtle physical matter. Our language is literally a language of geometry. As we intone this language, it vibrates, geometrizes and organizes the Creative Ethers interpenetrating all matter. This literally creates thought in form, or thoughtforms, that coalesce or deconstruct physical and subtle physical matter.

In some instances our words, their meaning and definitions, are simply not what we understand them to be at the vibrational level. One of these words is responsibility. The word responsibility technically means the ability to respond. In short, if we will not assume and claim responsibility for something, then we have a limited ability to effect it for positive change. Now I know what many of you may be thinking: “Oh, my, I already have enough responsibility. How can I take on more?” But we can assure you, that if there is something in your life over which you choose to effect change, you must first claim and accept responsibility for it.

Interestingly, through specialized kinesiology you can determine your level of personal responsibility over anything you may choose and express it as a percentage. For instance, you may not have 100% total, personal responsibility of and for your physical and subtle bodies, your own mind, your life, experience, activity, goals, or even the physical possessions in your home. Understandably, most of us feel as though we have enough responsibility and avoid taking on more than we already have. We’ve often turned responsibility for various aspects of our life over to others. Some of us have turned responsibility for our healing over to our physician. We have given responsibility for our money and our assets to the banking industry. Responsibility and the taking of responsibility, in essence, is an energetic phenomenon that occurs on the subtle planes. It is not simply a matter of intention. If you don’t have 100% total, personal responsibility for your body and its health, then unknowingly someone else may hold this responsibility. Therefore, how will you respond to treatment, or manifest what you desire, if you are without your ability to respond?


Through our use of “the Sacred Language of Light and Geometry” we can energetically reclaim and assume higher levels of personal responsibility over form and circumstances in our life and experiences. Some may call this a form of decree or affirmation, but in this case we are literally invoking our power as a co-creator to reclaim our responsibility. Please understand that there are various types and levels of responsibility. In some instances, it is unwise and potentially detrimental to take responsibility for some energies and influences. However, we wish to share with you specific techniques for taking responsibility for your own life, health, body, experience, and activity so that you may have greater levels of personal self control and empowerment.

To return your freedom of choice over your own personal life experience and activity, we highly recommend that you use this invocation exactly as it is given here. Please do not attempt to alter this invocation in order to apply it to others or anything outside of your own self, as this activity may cause an extreme energetic imbalance. Our primary goal here is to effect change and control for ourselves. This is the best place for us to focus our effort.

Before we begin with instructions, those of you skilled in kinesiology or dowsing may wish to check for the following: “To what extent, expressed as a percentage, do I have full, complete and total personal responsibility of, for, over and upon my Body/Mind/Energy Field complex and my life, experience and activity?” You will then determine the percentage of responsibility.

Even though this is a general statement for checking on levels of responsibility, it should give you an approximate quantitative idea of what your level of responsibility is at the present time. A point I would like to make is that if your level of personal responsibility is less than 51%, then technically you are not responsible for your Body/Mind/Field complex and your life, experience and activity at all. You must get a level over 50% in order to have any responsibility at all. Anything less than 50% means that you have less than a controlling interest in your responsibility. This and many other precautions in regards to specialized kinesiology are covered in much greater depth beginning with the first healing training workshop in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™.

If you are not familiar with specialized kinesiology, you can still accomplish the following procedure with total effectiveness by just following the instructions given below.

Preliminary Instructions Prior to Accomplishing Many of the Clearing Procedures Contained on this Web Site:

  1. Prior to any clearing or healing activity it is best to observe the following procedures for maximum effectiveness. Locate yourself in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a period of time. Interruptions, loud noises, televisions, radios, and other preoccupations can be distracting. Clearing and healing processes should be conducted in a calm atmosphere and a centered state.
  2. Assure that the body is hydrated properly by drinking at least 8 ounces of pure water before beginning healing procedures. The body is composed of nearly 80% water, and this water carries etheric information and frequencies. Dehydration of the body can sometimes nullify or impede the effectiveness of Spiritual healing procedures. Continue to drink some water throughout any extended session.
  3. Center yourself in a calm and relaxed state and space by taking several deep breaths and letting go of tension or stress with will and intention.
  4. Verbally or silently ask your High Self to assist in the following clearing and healing procedures. Thank your High Self for its assistance. Ask that this be done now, so be it, we are thanking Thee, and so it is done now.
  5. Before initiating any healing or clearing procedure, the body and energy field complex must be clear and ready to receive the healing treatment. Thorough instructions in regards to this are covered in the First Level Workshop of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™. However, for our purposes now, you may simply use the following prayer performed aloud for this clearing work:

Speak aloud: Creator of All That Is, I Am asking that you clear me, this body, and all that I Am to give and receive 100% true and accurate information now. I Am asking that this be done now, so be it, we are thanking Thee, and so it is done now.

After completion of the preceding brief prayer, perform a “clearing breath” (in through the nose – out through the mouth). As you exhale through the mouth, send the prayer forth out of the top of the head (the Crown Chakra) up to your High Self and beyond to the Creator.

Procedure for Assuming Total Responsibility:

Now we are prepared to accomplish the following healing procedures. We will be reciting the following invocation aloud with will, intention and conviction, stated exactly as it appears below.

Speak aloud: “I fully and completely have, I am, I will claim, assume and accept full, complete, and total personal responsibility of, upon and over all my body, mind, energy field, subtle physical bodies, consciousness, Spirit, essence, soul, psyche, goals, problems, mass, energy, life, experience, activity, and all that I Am That I Am now and throughout the eternal Now and forever more. So be it, and so it is done now.”

Follow with several deep clearing breaths, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

You should now have optimal levels of responsibility over all of the above, and will now have much greater ability to affect your life and its circumstances. Use this responsibility wisely. Understand that the more responsible we become, the more responsible we will have to be for our thoughts, actions and deeds. You may find the following sections additionally helpful.

Again, those of you skilled in kinesiology or dowsing may wish to check for the following: “To what extent, expressed as a percentage, do I have full, complete and total personal responsibility of, for, over and upon my Body/ Mind/Field complex and my life, experience and activity?”

You will no doubt find these levels have increased significantly.

How to Erase a Negative Thought or Thought Form Which You Have Generated:

We all have negative or unproductive thoughts that come up and cross our mind from time to time. Most often, these negative thoughts and thought forms are stored within the subconscious mind, and are often tied to emotional issues we may come “on-line” to at any given moment. The subconscious mind in particular is filled with massive amounts of negative thought forms, insecurities, fears, and programming. Some of this may even have been handed down genetically through our DNA. Some of the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Clearing Event Evenings focus upon and clear this backlog of negative programming stored in the subconscious mind. Many of these negative thoughts and fears stop rising to the surface of our conscious experience as we address their underlying cause and programming.

The monitoring of our thoughts and thought process is required in order to recognize when these negative thoughts and their patterns arise. As you monitor your thought processes more closely, you will occasionally find a thought of a negative or discordant nature that may spontaneously arise from out of your subconscious mind or your body. Once you become aware of this thought, you now have the opportunity to nullify or cancel it before it begins to attract or generate additional energy. We create with our thought, but unfortunately the vast majority of our thought is generated by our subconscious mind, not the conscious mind. The conscious mind constantly has to exert positive thought to cancel and counteract the many negative thoughts and thought forms being generated by our subconscious. Through very powerful subconscious program clearing technology, most of these subconscious programs can be cleared and supplanted with positive programming at the subconscious level. This then causes the subconscious mind to more powerfully support our positive conscious goals, thoughts, choices, will and intention. The Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ event entitled Group Attunement to Promote Prosperity and Abundance is the primary event where this massive subconscious reprogramming procedure occurs. In the meantime, we would like to give you a very simple tool that can assist in short-circuiting the ability of our thoughts to generate negative circumstances in our life. This has to be done with conscious awareness. day

The technique is as follows:
In your day-to-day experience, as a negative thought or program rises to the surface of your conscious mind, realize that it is capable of coagulating energy and ether in order to manifest on the planes of physicality. Our thoughts are things, and our thoughts create things. Now is the time to nullify these negative thoughts and programs while they are fresh in our awareness. This can even occur after you have said something verbally that you then recognize to be negative, discordant or counter-productive.

Procedure for clearing: Once these discordant thoughts or programs enter your awareness Refocus upon them as a physical thing with your conscious mind.

State aloud, if possible: “Cancel, cancel, cancel,” three times, and with your will and intention, intend and/or visualize that these words of “Cancel” are dissolving the substance of these words and thoughts.

It is also helpful to take in a breath through your nose and blow this intention forth through your mouth into the thought or thought form, causing it to dissolve and dissipate.

The cancellation of these negative or unproductive thought forms negates their ability to establish a vortex of creation in the thought field or “plane of mind” that is surrounding us. This cancellation procedure, upon repeated use, will even diminish the occurrence of this thought form or programming arising in the future and its ability to organize physical circumstances in our life. By using the previous procedure that you accomplished, taking personal responsibility for all of your thoughts, this cancellation process becomes even more effective.

Clearing Negative or Discordant Energy Using Sacred Geometry:

Many, if not most of the physical items and belongings in our life and home have absorbed and contain negative or discordant energy. This energy tends to accumulate in physical items and can even radiate from the belongings into our environment. Foods or consumables containing this negative or discordant energy (or vibrations) can be taken on by our own physical body which then can affect our ability to maintain positive energetic states. At the very least, the more of this negative or discordant energy that we consume, wear and have in our environment, the more of our positive energy it requires to overcome or off-set the negative. The net result is that we tax our energetic reserves causing stress to the physical and subtle bodies.

Often we are not consciously aware of this additional stress because of other stressors and challenges in our daily life. If we can simply clear this stress-inducing negative energy and infuse massive amounts of positive life force energy into these same objects and consumables, our food and environment will more effectively support our lives, health and goals. It has also been shown that stress can severely compromise our immune system and deplete its effectiveness to ward off pathogenic agents. In fact, we have received testimonials from people that support the possibility that use of the following clearing procedure has been instrumental in negating some pathogenic agents.

A student of ours recounted a story where she attended an office dinner party where everyone, except for her, soon thereafter became affected with food poisoning. She was the only person there that blessed her food and transmuted the negative energy within it before dining. We have had similar reports of this phenomenon from others. While this may have simply been a coincidence or our student may have a far superior immune system we may never know. However, we do know that everything has energy inherent within it and that energetic conditions can affect the physical body.

We have also seen numerous instances where the use of this clearing technology has cleared negative thought-forms from food. Radionic assessment has shown that this procedure clears vast amounts of negative energy and infuses high amounts of positive life force energy whenever it is used.

This clearing procedure utilizes Sacred Geometry clearing technology in the form and use of numbers and Sacred Symbols. This procedure is a very basic example of how Sacred Geometry and Sacred Symbols can alter, transmute and reorganize energy and subtle physical matter. Advanced forms of this clearing technology, utilizing Sacred Geometry and Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols is the heart of the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ work.

If you wish, you can conduct a little experiment before and after the clearing, to experience the difference. If you are energetically sensitive, hold a bottle of room temperature water in the left hand and “feel” it to establish a base reference before doing the clearing. Essentially, feel the water and its energy output or radiance. Conduct the clearing and again feel the energy of the water with the left hand. It’s not too difficult to feel a pulsation of energy emanating from the water after the clearing – some may even feel the energy pulsing all the way up the left arm.


The sacred symbol that we will be using for this technique is the circle. The circle has been universally recognized by cultures for eons to symbolize the One Infinite Creator of All That Is. The circle itself denotes continuity. It is without beginning or end, continuous and everlasting. Through the use of this circle, this sacred symbol, we can also define a specific area or location within which clearing will occur, or data to initiate healing can be entered and contained.

The data that we will be feeding into this circle is in the form of numbers. All numbers carry specific vibrational frequencies, as do all colors, sound, form, shape, geometry, words and language. However, for the purposes of our present application, we will be utilizing the vibrational frequencies of numbers infused into a field bounded by this Sacred Symbol.

The procedure, in essence, consists of circling the object you are wishing to clear with the right hand in a clockwise direction while repeating (preferably aloud) the sequence of numbers that represents the data we are infusing into the Sacred Geometric Symbol. At this point, the data or numbers impart a specific frequency into the field of our intention (the circle) in order to accomplish the clearing work. Understand that this and all other forms of healing are essentially Spiritual healing techniques. All healing is at its core a form of Spiritual healing, regardless of what it might appear. This particular clearing is essentially a non-denominational form of concentrated prayer in the format of Sacred Geometry and vibration.

For example, let’s say you are about to sit down to dinner and you have your food and beverage in front of you.

The clearing procedure is conducted as follows:
Circle your food and beverage with the right hand in a clockwise direction, while you verbalize the following statement:
9 9 6 1, intensify and magnify, thank you, Creator of All That Is.

The clearing is now complete, and most, if not all, of the negative and discordant energy contained within your object has been transmuted and tremendous amounts of positive life supporting energy have been infused.

The term “intensity and magnify” serves as an amplifier for the clearing, and the data entered into the circular field. In effect, it intensifies and magnifies the potency of the clearing process.

In the example given above, with the bottle of water, you may now feel the water again to verify its energetic radiation.

We can also use this clearing technique to transmute negative and discordant energy throughout our entire environment. For instance, we can stand at the corner of a room and describe a very large circle with our right hand and arm which encompasses everything within our field of vision while performing this clearing. We can then go to the diagonally opposite corner of the room to perform the clearing again, and encompass all physical objects within a given space. techniqueThis clearing can even be taken one step further. By going into a centered or meditative state, you can with visualization and intention, rise above your entire home and property and conduct the clearing downwards to clear your entire property and everything upon it. As we take our consciousness above our home, we’re operating in the realm of no-time and no-space. The technique is every bit as effective by this method, but it must be done with clear will and intention. This clearing is particularly important when we bring home new purchases that may contain negative or discordant energy. You may want to perform this clearing upon your entire automobile prior to unloading your groceries. If you have family members who may be unaware of this clearing technique, it’s best to perform this clearing on a whole-house basis at least once a week.

Would You Like to Release a Major Burden?

Most often, when I ask this question in a group setting, every hand in the house goes up. We would all appreciate the opportunity to release some of our burdens. At this point, I often take my keys from my pocket and hold them up and describe the following scenario: Let’s say that two years ago you leased a brand new vehicle. Today, you take the keys to this vehicle into the leasing agent’s office, put them down on his desk, and tell him, ”I would like to re-lease this now.” What are you going to do with the car? You’re going to get it back!

This word “release,” like all other words we use, carries a specific vibrational state or frequency. In this instance, the word “release” essentially means I am choosing to take this back. The prefix “re-“ means to do it again, and the term “lease” means to assume a leasehold or take possession of. Our use of language and the words therein does not always carry the traditional meaning that we assume due to the fact that every word and letter within those words carry and impart their own unique vibrational signature.

Doves Flying

Unfortunately, many of us are totally unaware of the frequencies that are being imparted by the words and phrases that we use. It even appears that in some instances, such as this word “release,” the rampant use of the word when applied to intentional clearing may be a piece of deliberate dis-information imparted to the New Thought movement well over a hundred years ago. You may find instances where this word “release” is frequently used in affirmations and clearing statements. Unfortunately, its use has exactly the opposite effect from what we are intending. This word “release” needs to be completely stricken from the vocabulary of the healing arts. This is a very common example of our misuse of The Sacred Language of Light and Geometry, which defeats our purpose and intention.

There are many other terms that we can use effectively in place of this word “release.” Of course, each of these words also carries its own unique vibrational signature and meaning as it applies to energetic and subtle realms of matter. My most frequently used replacement words are “let go of.” When we use this statement, we are actually vibrationally accomplishing what we intend. There are other nearly synonymous words that we can use in affirmation and invocation; however, each carries its own specific vibrational signature and is not necessarily a synonym. Other words that may prove useful, however, are “clear,” “dissolve,” “discreate,” and “transmute.” Interestingly, you will not find the word “discreate” in your dictionary. However, this word is extremely effective at reversing a previous process of creation. The use of all of these terms is specific, and we go into further detail in regard to each of them in the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ training where our purpose is to learn and apply vibrationally encoded healing techniques.

For now, we simply encourage you to eliminate this word “release” from all healing vocabularies, and if you so desire, begin to replace it with the term “let go of.” You will soon witness empirical evidence of the efficacy of this change in your language.

“Blessing” Physical Belongings and Bringing Them into Resonance with Your Own Body and “Energy Field”

Every physical object in existence and in our own personal environment carries and emits its own unique vibrational state or signature. We as living entities also have a baseline vibratory frequency or signature that is an aggregate or average of a multitude of frequencies that comprise our physical and subtle bodies. In many instances, the frequencies emitted from material belongings in our environment are in conflict with our own personal baseline vibratory frequency because they are out of a state of resonance. Essentially this means that the vibrational frequencies of our own physical environment are in conflict with our body/mind/energy field complex. This often manifests as a number of conditions and states, but most importantly it means that many physical objects in our environment are capable of reversing or collapsing energetic faculties of the human energy field and subtle bodies. This collapsed state of the human energy field imbalances neurological functioning and induces a state into the body/mind/field complex that is resistant to relaxation and healing applications. In essence, some of these items “switch off” our energy field and subtle physical bodies much like a light switch.

It’s a very simple process to energetically alter the frequencies and emanations of our physical possessions so that they become more harmonious with our own body, mind and field complex and our will, intentions, goals and desires. Physical possessions that are out of resonance with our own vibrational state induce stress into our physical and subtle bodies. This then requires some expenditure of our energy to counteract this stress. So blessing our physical environment and bringing it into resonance with our body/mind/energy field complex can then create a more harmonious environment that supports our life, goals and healing, and negates this energy draining phenomenon.

Nowhere is this more important than with objects that we wear on our person, especially our clothing, glasses, contact lenses, dental work, watches, jewelry, and any medically implanted devices. All of these need to be in resonance with our body/mind/field complex.


If our glasses and contact lenses are not in resonance, this creates a blockage in communication from us to other people and vice versa. The eyes have been termed the windows of the soul, and much overt and subtle communication occurs through visual contact. This form of subtle communication is blocked by glasses and contact lenses that are out of resonance with the person’s body/mind/energy field complex. This even extends further to the fact that people making eye contact with other individuals wearing these glasses or contacts experience a collapse of their own energy field that inhibits effective thinking and communication. After these objects are brought into resonance with the wearer’s body/mind/energy field complex, this no longer happens, and full communication is re-established.

I have also seen hundreds of instances where a medical device or implant may have been causing pain or disturbance to an individual and this has been quickly resolved by the use of this procedure. This is particularly critical for such things as pacemakers, replacement joints, orthopedic screws and plates, dental work including bridges, crowns, and filling materials, intra-uterine devices, diaphragms, and essentially anything else that is in or that goes within the human body. All of these items are capable of blocking the flow of vital life force energy through the body wherever they reside.

This clearing procedure is essentially a form of concentrated prayer conducted in specific language – the Sacred Language of Light and Geometry – and is conducted as follows:

  1. Prior to any clearing or healing activity it is best to observe the following procedures for maximum effectiveness. Locate yourself in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a period of time. Interruptions, loud noises, televisions, radios, and other preoccupations can be distracting. Clearing and healing processes should be conducted in a calm atmosphere and a centered state.
  2. Assure that the body is hydrated properly by drinking at least 8 ounces of pure water before beginning healing procedures. The body is composed of nearly 80% water, and this water carries etheric information and frequencies. Dehydration of the body can sometimes nullify or impede the effectiveness of Spiritual healing procedures. Continue to drink some water throughout any extended session.
  3. Center yourself in a calm and relaxed state and space by taking several deep breaths and letting go of tension or stress with will and intention.
  4. Verbally or silently ask your High Self to assist in the following clearing and healing procedures. Thank your High Self for its assistance. Ask that this be done now, so be it, we are thanking Thee, and so it is done now.

After these preliminary procedures have been accomplished, we can now continue with the primary clearing procedure.

We are going to place any object that we are wishing to bring into resonance between both of our hands. If the object is installed in the physical body, we will go to that location and place a hand on each side of the body, focusing on the object/objects with our will and intention. For instance, if we are going to work on our dental work, we will place a hand on each jaw and do all of our dental work at one time.

Through the faculties of concentrated prayer, we are now going to perform a “concentrated blessing” upon these objects within or without our body. While holding the object between our hands, we are going to verbally recite the following invocation:

“Creator of All That Is, I am asking that you bless this _________ (name of object you are intending to clear) and bring it into perfect and appropriate resonance, balance, harmony, and rhythm with my physical and subtle bodies, mind, consciousness, Spirit, soul, essence, complex and All That I Am That I Am. I Am asking that this be done now, so be it, we are thanking Thee, and so it is done now.”

As you inhale through your nose, visualize a gold beam of energy/light come down into your Crown Chakra from the Creator to your heart center, and as you exhale through your mouth send this energetic gold light out of your heart center, down your arms and infuse it into the object by way of your hands.

The clearing is now complete, and the objects that are cleared by this procedure will now be in resonance with your body/mind/energy field complex. For medically installed items, this is equivalent to making a foreign object energetically a part of your physical body so that it is no longer in disharmony with your physical body and its functions.

We would like to point out that this clearing does not accomplish the same objectives as the Sacred Geometry clearing described previously. It is best to apply each of these techniques to objects in your environment. While this clearing is also capable of being applied to your entire home and property by the preceding instructions, we highly recommend that you individually perform this process with your glasses, contacts, medical devices, dental work, and anything else that is directly on or installed within your physical body on an individual basis, for these items are the most critical. Don’t forget to use this procedure particularly on your shoes, as they contain many toxic glues and materials. This technique can also be applied as a blessing for your automobile by the “laying on of hands” method.

Techniques for Grounding and Keeping Yourself in Your Physical Body

Many people who are energetically sensitive have a difficult time fully dwelling (consciously) in their physical bodies. This may be due to the fact that energetically sensitive people generally have a higher baseline vibratory frequency than the average person. They may be in a lesser state of resonance with third dimensional reality, and other people vibrating at a slower rate. These sensitive people often feel “out of sync” with their environment and many other people, and may even have difficulty synchronizing with their own physical body. It is sometimes very difficult for these people to obtain proper grounding and maintain their full presence in and with their own physical body and the planet.


Some people have a habit of continually sustaining themselves outside of the physical body. Daydreaming is a major preoccupation with some of these people. Daydreaming itself is a process of letting go of third dimensional stimuli and fosters an alpha brain wave state similar to that achieved in meditation where creative insights and reverie can ensue. While this all has its own place and time, it is inappropriate for us as physical beings to remain in this state of reverie and out of our bodies much of the time. It impedes our ability to progress in the physical world and at physical levels, and after all, we are residing within a physical body. Some people are out of their body so much of the time that they consider this to be a normal state of awareness. We all know people who exhibit these traits because they have a difficult time coping with practical aspects of physical existence. Some of them even have difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings. It’s like they’re living in the “ozone.”

In addition to this, people participating in energetic clearing processes and procedures will almost always tend to go “out of their body” during an intense clearing process. One of our purposes in performing the clearings in the first place is to receive the benefit and integrate the healing down to and throughout the physical body vehicle. This is difficult to do if you are not fully in your physical body, or able to control it. Sensitive individuals tend to clear more at energetic levels and have a more difficult time assimilating the healing down into physical structure. Therefore, these exercises are excellent to apply after healing procedures have been conducted in order to once again ground the individual back into their physical body and physical reality. In fact, since this process is conducted with the eyes wide open, many will actually notice a visual shift in their perception as they begin to come fully back into the physical body.

As Spiritual beings having a physical experience on this planet, we need to be connected and grounded to the body of the Earth in a complete circuit in order to best function here. There are a number of potential symptoms when one is not fully grounded in their physical body. Among them include feelings of “spaciness,” wanting to sleep all of the time, an inability to focus mental concentration, and a general sense of disconnectedness from reality and the third dimension.

This also seems to be a growing problem due to the tremendous energy accelerations that are coming upon the planet, causing a massive increase in people’s baseline vibratory frequency. We are evolving into multi-dimensional beings, and it is becoming harder to maintain our third dimensional focus. For further information see our article about Energy Accelerations on the Planet.

This grounding technique consists of several procedures that are performed in sequential order to enhance their effectiveness.

Procedure #1:

The first thing is to literally command oneself to get back into the body. Understand that the physical and subtle bodies are subject to our control. When we ask or command our body to do something, there is often a literal, physical change that occurs. We are going to repeat the following command emphatically and with the authority of one who has control over the physical body. This command is best stated aloud exactly as given at least six times, and should be repeated with the eyes open.

The command is:

Get myself back in this body! Get myself back in this body! …

Procedure #2:

With either of your hands, palms facing down, start at the base of the back of your neck and sweep your hand forward along the midline of your head until your hand arrives at the nose. DO NOT bring your hand any lower than your nose. This sweep is done some short distance off of the physical scalp. Once you complete the sweep to the level of the nose, now bring your hand around the side of your head to the nape of your neck and repeat this procedure. It is best to repeat this procedure six or eight times using either hand.

What we are actually doing is sweeping our hand with a physical motion along the pathway of one of the major meridians of the body, the governing vessel, in the direction of its natural flow. While doing this procedure it is also possible to simultaneously accomplish the next procedure.

Procedure #3:

We are going to recite aloud our full birth name, including the maiden name. This can be accomplished in conjunction with the sweeping exercise described above, and for the same number of times.

Your birth name carries your radionic signature. Energetically it describes the frequency of who you are. Use only your birth name. In other words, do not use nicknames, star names, or new names which you have changed legally or otherwise.

Procedure #4:

While seated, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth while holding your hands out to your sides, palms down. On the out-breath we are going to send energy down to a Chakra known as the Earth Star Chakra, or grounding Chakra, which is directly below your tailbone. Do this several times.

If you were standing, this Chakra would reside six to twelve inches below your feet. While you are seated, this Chakra will reside approximately two to three feet below the floor level, directly below your tailbone. Our object is to project energy from our hands to amplify the activity of this grounding Chakra. If you wish to use color and visualization, the normal color to use is that of topaz, similar to an amber color.

These grounding exercises can be utilized any time that you’re feeling spacey, out of your body, or out of touch with physical reality. In addition, it is always helpful to do these exercises following any clearing or healing procedure. Healing practitioners will want to teach these techniques to their clients and have them accomplish them before leaving their presence. Clients not fully grounded may present a danger to themselves and others as they drive to their next engagement.

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