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With an ongoing research program that has generated and documented over 6000 clearing techniques for imbalances and their causative solutions, Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ is among the most comprehensive healing systems in the world. These documented techniques and clearing technologies are lovingly shared with students and apprentices in a concise graduated manner that produces some of the finest energetic healers on the planet.

This research and documentation requires substantial financial resources and time, now approaching 35 years. This vast embodiment of knowledge should be made available to our children and future generations to improve the quality of all of our lives. We are highly dedicated to the sharing of this knowledge and thus far have dedicated every available resource that we have to achieve this goal.

Among the most valuable of these resources are the networkers throughout the country that assist in bringing these teachings to their community. Without them these goals would never be realized. We applaud their efforts and dedication to this same goal. Thank You!!

If you are a networker or know of networkers/sponsors in your community that can assist us in bringing this knowledge to healers or aspiring healers please contact us. We would like to talk with them. Our greatest resource is human potential.

As you can imagine, financial resources are also necessary to support our research, documentation, web resources, office and travel expenses and a host of other needs. If you would like to help support this work and these humanitarian goals with financial contributions, you can do so here on this page. We thank you and the Creator so much for any contributions you feel guided to share.

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