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Sponsor Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ into your community

The developers and teachers of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ are eternally grateful for a most important resource, the networkers and sponsors who bring this work to their communities. If you are, or if you know of, networkers in your community who can assist us in coming to your area, we would like to discuss how we can make this happen.

At the current time, we are primarily working within the United States and southern Canada, due to geographical considerations.

Our experience has indicated that the healing and metaphysical networks in most communities seem to be in discrete groups and oftentimes may not be aware of one another. For this reason, we have often found it most effective to work with several networkers in any given community who are instrumental within their own particular niche or field. We have worked with and made presentations to a wide array of groups and organizations across the country. Some of these organizations are local chapters of the A.S.D. (American Society of Dowsers), local Reiki share groups, Unity and other “New Thought” or Spiritualist churches, local chapters of the U. S. Psychotronics Association, various metaphysical and New Thought bookstores and healing centers, local chapters of I.O.N.S. (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and a host of other groups and organizations. This work is also receiving exposure through numerous television and radio broadcasts and local/regional Expos and healing conferences.

Since the field of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ is so broad in its spectrum and embraces many techniques and the teachings of many disciplines, it has the ability to synthesize the knowledge from many of these disciplines into a greater understandable whole. Participants in hundreds of different fields have found this knowledge to be augmenting and complementary to their areas of interest. Therefore, we wish to reach as wide an audience as possible in any community to which we bring this work.

We at Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ are seeking productive relationships with the leaders of these organizations in any community where we may be of benefit. If you are one of, or know of, these primary organizers within your community, who can assist in bringing the teachings of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ to your area, we would like to speak with you in person. Please contact us at (859) 361-3445. If unavailable, we will return your call right away.

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