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The Transformational Bliss™ product line is a result of Fred’s research and development in the vibrational healing arts of many years. The products primarily consist of Vibrational Essences and Elixirs - some for personal use and others to address environmental issues. Consumable products contain nothing of a physical nature except for mineralized water and alcohol (used as a preservative and to stabilize frequencies). All activity by these products is at Spiritual/vibrational levels of function. These highly potentized essences and elixirs are harmonic combinations containing numerous vibrational modalities. Each contains many thousands of Spiritual frequencies capable of doing clearing and balancing. These vibrational products are not typical of other vibrational essences for they have been designed and created using the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ techniques and vibrational technology. They are extremely powerful tools for clearing, balancing, protection and transformation.

Even though we can’t go to extreme depth in describing the vibrational technology incorporated into the products, we do think that some of you may be interested to know a few details of their compilation.

All of the Transformational Bliss™ products contain frequencies from numerous vibrational strata. This makes their activity extremely broad in spectrum. The products are also multi-phase and self regulating. This means that if you take an essence today and then take it again next week you will not obtain the same frequencies from it on both occasions. Your own “energy field” determines the most beneficial frequencies to extract depending on your greatest need at the time. It is self-regulating; the remainder of available frequencies simply by-pass the “energy field.” These are multi-dimensional energetic tools that are basically self-intelligent. They therefore have the ability to effect change from the dense physical level all the way through the higher Spiritual bodies. Of course, this also includes the etheric, emotional and mental bodies.


The basis for all of the products begins with a compilation from over 600 flower essences, gem elixirs and environmental essences developed by Fred over two decades. In addition, all of the products contain color, light and sound healing frequencies and prioritized programs of Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols. Therefore, taking a remedy constitutes an entire clearing process (all in a few drops) that adjust to your need for their intended purpose. There is much more about the creation of these products that is unique, but this information should at least give a basic understanding of their nature.

The environmental products are the result of extensive research into the nature of geopathic energies, electromagnetic pollution and numerous other forms of energetic contamination. These products offer noxious energy mitigation and clearing/healing for the Earth and therefore your home, property, pets and family. Earth and planetary healing is also a major focus of the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ technology. Through their abilities of mitigation and Earth Harmonization, these products create harmony on your property and make your home feel more like a protected sanctuary. For the most comprehensive treatment protocol you would apply all 3 environmental products to property (available as a kit below) and also apply the Personal and Psychic Protection Essence per instructions. These are some of the most amazing products that we offer.

We have also gone to great lengths to research and determine the best products for water purification and air purification available. These unique products are available here also.

We look forward to serving your needs with this exceptional line of vibrational and environmental products. Thank you for joining us.

General Instructions for Usage of the products are given with the product descriptions (including further information). All essences should be shaken before usage to stimulate their vibrational properties. Instructions regarding the “Clearing Breath” are available here.


Harmonic Code Cards

$30.00 per set of 4 code cards to enclose the perimeter of property
$15.00 per one personal laminated code card to carry on your person

Establishes a protective field and makes your home feel like a sanctuary that holds discordant energy at bay. Designed to protect the human energy field from the effects of natural and manmade noxious energies and rays, including: electromagnetic pollution, fluorescent and non-natural lighting sources, natural (planetary forms) of noxious energy (a.k.a. geopathic or geopathogenic stress zones due to underground water, mineral deposits, voids, planetary ley lines and vortexes). They provide tremendous protection from noxious and discordant energies emanating from computer systems, televisions, communication systems, office machines and home appliances. Greatly increases the vitality of soil for plant/crop growth. They provide an outlet for the lifting of discordant energy and spiritual interference from the property.

Further Information

Instructions for Installation of the Harmonic Energy Code Cards on the property are available here.


Universal Peace Essence

$20.00 per bottle

Note: A set of Harmonic Energy Code Cards must be installed on the property prior to the integration of this essence.

This property essence is designed to clear energies of trauma and desecration due to acts and thoughts of man (and violent acts of nature) that have become imprinted in property including accident sites, negative thought forms and energies from battlefield areas, energy patterns and thought forms due to alcoholism, psychological imbalance, drug abuse, and other forms of abuse and discordant energies of man that have become imprinted into the material substance of your property and possessions. It provides a protective barrier against interfering influences and “dark forces” of many kinds. Directions for use: place 15 drops in a bottle of water, shake vigorously to activate and distribute liberally around the perimeter of, and within the property – a drop or so every few feet. Not to be taken internally.

Further Information


Earth Harmony Tincture

$20.00 per bottle

Designed with the help of Devic Forces of Nature and Forces of Light to relieve pressure on tectonic plates (provides etheric lubrication) and to mitigate the noxious effects of man’s consciousness and negative emotional thought forms that have become imprinted into the earth contributing to earthquake stress. It also negates the effects of earth fault stress upon the human energy field. This essence is programmed to transfer through water, global grid lines, the Christ grid and all other geomagnetic and etheric grid systems from the site of installation. Directions for application on your personal property: place 15 drops in a bottle of water, shake vigorously to activate and distribute liberally around the perimeter of, and within the property – a drop or so every few feet. The Earth Harmony Tincture can be combined in one application bottle along with the Universal Peace Essence so both can be applied at one time. Additional instructions for general Earth healing purposes are available here.

Not to be taken internally.

Further Information


Mitigation Kit


All of our property protection and mitigation products bundled as a complete kit for your convenience containing:

These products are described in the above separate entries. You may also wish to consider the Personal and Psychic Protection Essence described below which can also be utilized on property in addition to personal use.


Psychic Protection Essence

$30.00 per spray bottle

This essence is designed to assist in protecting one in a myriad of situations of exposure:

Designed specifically for those of “sensitive” nature, and those working in the healing arts or counseling fields...Anyone working with other people or those being exposed to noxious environments, imbalanced persons or those in crisis or trauma.

Highly useful when one is around environments or individuals that are psychically draining, vibrationally contaminated, emotionally distraught or psychologically unstable. Those of us who are sensitive are acutely aware of how challenging it can be to shop at some discount department stores, shopping malls or go into other energetically “heavy,” “dense” or “chaotic” environments. This product is incredible for holding chaotic and disturbing vibrations and influences at bay and maintaining the vibrational integrity of your body/mind/field complex, personal space and psyche.

This essence also provides protection in locations and around persons experiencing attachment, intrusion or possession by discarnate entities or other Spiritual interference. The best general location of application is the back/base of the scull/medulla center and the Third Eye Chakra or more specifically, any location identified by kinesiology (muscle testing).

The essence is also designed to protect the vibrational integrity of living and work space by providing a field/shield to halt and deflect detrimental intruding vibrations, frequencies, influences and their programming.

Not to be taken internally.

For additional applications and further information


Block Removal Remedies

$20.00 per bottle or $100.00 for 7 bottles (for healing practitioners)

Designed and intended to remove blockages in the human “energy field” so one can become more receptive to vibrational and “energetic” healing modalities. An initial dose of 2 drops (then conduct the clearing breath) will reduce “frequency blocking” by more than 50%; therefore making any vibrational or “hands-on” modality 100% more effective. This product is a must for all hands-on healers and those applying vibrational and frequency healing modalities.

Subsequent doses (1 bottle completed) will reduce frequency blocking to near 0%. This essence clears and mitigates energies of abuse and violation which may be diminishing endocrine gland function, assists the body in processing toxins at physical and emotional levels, removes subtle blockages to enhance the assimilation of nutrients from food sources and supplements, enhances one’s ability to obtain nurturing from others and from “On High,” assists in bolstering self esteem, self worth, self confidence and metabolic function. It assists the body/mind/field complex in achieving greater levels of healing in much less time. (2 drops, twice a day, under the tongue followed by clearing breathing- In through the nose, out through the mouth)

Further Information


Heavenly Grace

$20.00 per bottle

A crisis relief formula that is particularly effective at clearing vibrations of shock, trauma, anxiety and panic imprinted in the human “energy field” or occurring in present time. It is also very helpful for those experiencing grief. Heavenly Grace is incredible for easing emotional processing following healing procedures or resulting from Spiritual growth work. In fact, Heavenly Grace is extremely helpful any time one is emotionally challenged or going through emotional processing, anxiety, nervousness, states of worry and agitation and any time one is feeling generally imbalanced or challenged. This product can also be invaluable for children, pets and to assist with insomnia. Can be taken internally (2-3 drops under the tongue followed by clearing breathing), applied topically to an area of trauma or used in a bath (7-8 drops in a tub of water). It can also be etherically broadcast to one in crisis or distress.


Spiritual Ecstasy

$20.00 per bottle

Designed and intended as a spiritual acceleration formula to balance the human energy field, promote harmony and to facilitate Spiritual growth work. (meditation, visualization, healing processes and other Spiritual practices). Recently updated and containing over 52 million Spiritual frequencies to promote harmony of the energy field and to enhance one’s connection with the Creator. In addition this essence assists in clearing energies of violation, aligns the Spiritual bodies, treats miasma, increases clairvoyance, telepathy and other Spiritual gifts, relaxes stress (especially mental stress lodged in muscles), seals tears/holes in the etheric body/sheath, attunes one to higher Spiritual realms, promotes a state of inner peace and brings out creativity, fosters development of inner sight and auric vision, helps one apply Spiritually inspired information. Taken internally 2-3 drops followed by clearing breathing or used in a bath 7-10 drops in a tub of water (especially good after a day of physical overexertion).

Further Information

Other Products We Highly Recommend for Healthy Living

The Roxtract™ Living Water System

Roxtract Living Water System


(Comes complete with enough minerals to make 79 Gallons of Water)

The Roxtract Living Water System is the finest water filtration system we have found. This system was developed by a group of leading scientists in the field of clustered and charged water technology including Dr. Masaru Emoto and Dr. Lee Lorenzen.


The Roxtract System not only purifies the water- It structures the water in clustered form and energizes it similar to the most powerful healing springs throughout the world. It uses ordinary “dead” tap water, and through it‘s proprietary technology, it restructures the water into clustered “Living Water”. This makes your water bio-available to the cellular level of the body. In addition, the Roxtract system mineralizes (with ionic minerals), oxygenates and infuses the water with far infrared energy – five processes in one! The living water transports these highly assimilable minerals and energy into the cellular level of the body to hydrate and detoxify the body naturally.

For Further Information:

The AranizerAir Purifier

The Aranizer™ Air Purification Systems by Aran Aqua™

The Aranizer™ air purification systems are the finest and most effective units that we have discovered. We are proud to be authorized distributors of this fine product line.

These amazing machines remove allergens, animal odors, smoke and chemicals from the air, leaving clean fresh air in their place. They destroy many viruses and bacteria, and kill molds, pollen and fungi, making your home or work environment a healthier, safer, more pleasant place to be.

The Aranizer™ produces rare molecules that contain four or more atoms of Oxygen. These molecules, known as Aran™, circulate through your house, bind with and destroy smoke, chemicals, allergens, bacteria, molds, fungus, and viruses. The Aranizer™ simply accelerates the process Nature uses to break down air pollutants leaving the air smelling fresh and clean without using chemical fragrances or costly filters.

The Aranizer™ line of products is extensive and has been developed to serve a full range of needs including:

For questions, sizing and purchase of the Aranizer™ Air Purification Line please Call us at 303/550-0557

Cellular Defense by Waiora

Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora™

Natural Cellular Defense is a form of liquid zeolite that is designed to bind with heavy metals and other environ-mental toxins and poisons in the body and remove them by way of the digestive system. NCD is basically a form of oral chelation therapy that many have found helpful in bodily detoxification for numerous complaints and daily cleansing. Please visit our company website at for further information, testimonials and ordering.

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