Installation Instructions for Harmonic Energy Code Cards™

The 4 Harmonic Energy Code Cards are to be installed at the 4 corners of a property. They are most effective buried outside under several inches of soil flat and parallel to the ground surface. The area circumscribed by the 4 locations is protected and harmonized. If you live in a rural or farm area you will want to circumscribe the home, barns, animal shelters, etc. The animals living on the property will benefit just as much as the people. Noxious energies emanating from the Earth can be a primary cause of inexplicable illness and odd behavior in animals. If you grow crops on the land, you should also include these areas. The code cards vastly increase the general vitality of the soil resulting in higher crop yields, higher resistance to disease and insects and will promote faster and hardier plant growth. One set of code cards is effective for a general area of 6-7 acres. With larger areas, more than 4 code cards should enclose the field. For an apartment, dwelling unit, or office, the cards are to be installed inside the 4 interior corners of the space and can be placed under the carpet/rugs, furniture, fixtures, etc. However if at all possible, it’s best and most effective to install them in the ground outside.

Installation Procedure: Beginning with any corner, proceed in a counter-clockwise direction from the burial location of the first code card (placed flat under about 3 inches of soil) to the second location of burial. As you traverse the path from the first to second location, link the two locations with energy and intention to one another. Proceed with the installation of all 4 code cards and the linking with intention and energy. After installing the last code card, link with energy and intention back to the first code card location creating a continuous field of intention for activation of the codes. When you get back to the first location, if you so desire you may state the following invocation/prayer:

“Creator of All That Is, I AM asking for this energy to be integrated into the deepest levels of this Earth for the highest good of all planetary consciousness and all concerned. I AM hereby ANCHORING (as you state “anchoring” stomp on the ground at the location of burial) these frequencies into the physical level of this planet. So Be It, and So It Is Done Now!” Take several deep breaths and let them out.

After the installation of the Harmonic Energy Code Cards, you can then proceed with the installation of the Universal Peace Essence and The Earth Harmony Tincture (which can be mixed in one bottle and applied together). Other property protection benefits can be gained by also using the Personal and Psychic Protection Essence as per instructions for that product.

During any portion of the installation procedure you may feel a clearing of the discordant energy from the site in subtle or even palpable ways, especially during the application and anchoring of the essences. You may feel a subtle “etheric wind” waft up and surround you as the clearing occurs, and potentially for some time afterwards.

The laminated Code Cards are carried in the pocket or purse and radiate an energy field of protection approximately 12 feet in all directions throughout the human “energy field.” These are more effective, the closer they are to the physical body.

The effectiveness of the code cards can be confirmed within minutes of installation by conducting a muscle test while exposed to any noxious energy source including fluorescent lights, TV’s, computer screens, geopathic stress zones, etc. Test before and after to determine the impact upon the human “energy field.”

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