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The Harmonic Energy Code Cards are designed and intended to protect the human energy field from many natural and man-made noxious energies and influences. The 4 paper property codes are installed at four corners encompassing the area to be protected. They are either buried outside under 3-4 inches of soil (The most effective placement procedure) or placed in the corners of a living unit (under rugs, taped under furniture or simply placed in corners). They are then energetically linked up to provide a field of protective harmony. See instructions for installation and linking. The personal laminated code cards (carried on your person) are specifically designed to broadcast a field of harmonic protection (approximately 12 feet in radius) throughout the human energy field. Best results are obtained by carrying them on your person although they can also be used in purses, pouches & pocket books.

They establish a harmonizing field of protection around the human energy field or within the area of the installation site from negative effects of the following:

Benefits are easily confirmed by muscle testing (kinesiology) in the presence of these sources. (Test before and after, by exposing oneself to the source and doing the muscle test)

NOTE: Many people have become accustomed to the noxious energies in their environment and do not realize the impact upon their energy field. If you have a favorite easy chair where, if you sit for a short time, you become drowsy or fall asleep, then it is probably in a noxious energy zone. Effects are most severe if the noxious energies are present in your sleeping area or your office/desk area where you spend a great deal of time. The body and energy field cannot release stress and tension in the presence of noxious energies. The noxious energy source literally bends and distorts the subtle energy bodies. Therefore, the poor sleeping conditions result in physical energy depletion that extends throughout the following day. The body never fully recovers and re-energizes itself resulting in a chronic fatigue situation.

After installation of the Harmonic Energy Code Cards you may notice that your sleep state is initially not as deep due to the negation of the noxious energy effects. For a few days, you may feel as though your sleep state is more like the “nether world” that one experiences between sleep and waking states. However, you will soon awaken more refreshed and energetic. Your body/energy field will adapt to the more harmonious energy environment within one to two weeks and the benefits should be noticeable in your daily physical energy levels.


Note: A set of Harmonic Energy Code Cards must be installed on the property prior to the integration of this essence. It is Not to be taken internally by humans or animals. This property essence is designed to clear trauma and desecration due to discordant acts, emotions and thoughts of man that have become vibrationally imprinted into property and personal possessions including the material substance of one’s home. By using this product, along with the Harmonic Energy Code Cards, your property becomes a haven more capable of supporting mental and emotional states of calm, peace and harmony for you and your family.

It is designed to lift, clear and transmute energies, forces, programs and patterns that have become “imprinted” or “implanted” into land, property and personal possessions that are in conflict with, and potentially impacting the balance and harmony of the human “energy” field and consciousness. These discordant energies and vibrations are capable of distorting our consciousness, feelings and moods at subconscious and unconscious levels making their source difficult to discern at conscious levels.

After clearing has been accomplished, it then fully balances and stabilizes the energies of the area and erects a shield of protection from the additional influx of disharmonious energies from outside the area of clearing. It is designed and intended to be effective with the following:

Directions for use: After installing a set of Harmonic Energy Code Cards place 15 drops of the Universal Peace Essence in a bottle of spring water. Shake vigorously and distribute liberally around the perimeter of and within the property.


Co-Created by Fred Payne and Samuel Welsh in cooperation with the Forces of Nature

Note: The Earth Harmony Tincture is an Earth harmonization tool for use on land and water only - Not to be taken internally

Designed with the help of Devic Forces of Nature and the Forces of Light to ease pressure on tectonic plates (provides an etheric lubrication) and clear negative emotional thought forms and energies of man that have become imprinted into the Earth contributing to earthquake stress. This essence is programmed to transfer through water, (streams, ponds, lakes, oceans) global grid lines, the Christ grid and all other geomagnetic and etheric grid systems from the site of installation. It assists in mitigating the noxious effects of man’s consciousness upon the planet and to help reduce the possibility of earthquakes and sudden shifts in tectonic plates by mitigating the negative emotional energy of man upon the planet. This powerful and uncontrolled negative emotional energy fostered by the collective is a contributor to erratic weather patterns and abrupt Earth changes.

This tincture is also designed to establish a field of harmonization on property to negate the impact of “Earth Fault Stress” on the human energy field. Earth fault stress is a form of noxious geopathic energy found to distort and therefore be deleterious to the human subtle “energy” field. Earth fault stress not only emanates directly from Earth fault zones, but from any shear (or crack) in rock or strata below the ground. The human energy field exposed to this form of noxious geopathic energy or emanation is in a constant state of imbalance and stress. Research has shown that prolonged exposure to noxious geopathic energies may aggravate existing physical complaints and can even contribute to the subtle energetic causes of disease states. At very least, most people will feel uncomfortable, listless, tired or even experience aching joints and musculature as a result of exposure to these noxious energy zones.

Of course the worst place to be exposed to a noxious energy zone is while in bed, your favorite easy chair or office chair at your desk; in short, anywhere you spend a lot of time. The deleterious effects of these noxious energy zones are cumulative in their impact upon the human energy field and physical body. A most disturbing effect is the inability to fully rest and recover during sleep time which results in fatigue throughout the day. Prolonged exposure to noxious energy zones can therefore often be a major contributor to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

For the person that wants to negate the effects of geopathic stressors on their home and property, the Earth Harmony Tincture is used in combination with 3 other products; The Harmonic Energy Code Cards, The Universal Peace Essence and Personal and Psychic Protection Essence (all described elsewhere).

Basic Directions for Usage: Place 10-12 drops of Earth Harmony Tincture in a bottle of purified or spring water (best to use the type with a pop-up spigot). Shake the bottle vigorously to mix. Start at a corner of the property and move in a counter-clockwise direction around the perimeter of the property, dripping a few drops every couple of feet as you go. You can afterwards treat any areas in the interior of the property or the home as you feel guided to do. Once the essence is applied, its benefits are permanent from that point on.

Additional instructions for use at Sacred Sites, on planetary ley lines, vortexes, and use in streams, lakes and oceans are located here.


This essence is designed to assist in protecting one in many situations of exposure:

This protection essence is designed specifically for those of “sensitive” nature, those working in the healing arts or counseling fields, anyone working with people in crisis or trauma, or for anyone exposed to noxious or chaotic environments.

The protection essence is highly useful when around environments or individuals that are psychically draining, vibrationally contaminated, emotionally distraught, mentally unstable or programmed. It provides protection in locations and around persons experiencing attachment, intrusion or possession by discarnate entities or even more severe malevolent influences and “dark forces.” In fact, use of this product can often provide a Spiritual Releasement to the individual for some attaching influences. The best general location of application for this purpose is the back/base of the skull/medulla center and the Third Eye Chakra or more specifically, any location identified by kinesiology (muscle testing).

The essence can also be used as a discordant energy clearing device for the general clearing of one’s subtle energy field or the space in a room. Simply spray onto the palms of your hands and with will, intention, visualization and the use of chi energy on the out-breath, send forth the frequencies of the essence throughout your subtle bodies surrounding the physical and the room or house. Move the hands in a sweeping motion to accomplish this form of clearing. Pay particular attention to the corners of rooms as energy tends to stagnate there. Use it energetically as you would a (Native American) smudge stick.

The essence is also designed to protect the vibrational integrity of living and work space by providing a field/ shield to halt and deflect detrimental intruding vibrations, psychic intrusion and discordant frequencies and their programming. For this application, the essence can be sprayed in all the corners of a room/house (top and bottom corners). It can also be sprayed upon a medium (lightweight cardboard-like the backing of a legal pad, etc.) and then wrapped or stapled around electric lines, water lines, sewer outlet pipes, telephone, cable TV, digital and analog communication lines etc., to block and repel most forms of intruding discordant frequencies. The best location for this use is at the incoming utility service entrances.

After any particularly draining or stressful day or activity, you can spray 3 or 4 shots into a warm tub to help clear accumulated “gunk and psychic debris” that may have accumulated or lodged in the aura and subtle “energy” bodies. With this application, it’s helpful to do some clearing breaths (in through the nose-out through the mouth) with intention and visualization to clear from your center, out in all directions throughout your entire energy field on the out-breath. The essence also helps to restore your own protective electromagnetic auric field and its protective faculties and re-build your own psychic energy reserves and prana. It also can help to seal up holes, cracks and breeches in the etheric and other body sheaths/membranes to reinforce your own subtle immune systems against intrusion.

Those of us who are sensitive are acutely aware of how challenging it can be to shop at some discount department stores, shopping malls or other energetically “heavy,” “dense” or “chaotic” environments. This product is incredible for holding chaotic and disturbing vibrations and influences at bay and maintaining the vibrational integrity of your body/mind/field complex and personal space. This essence will prove invaluable in countless ways.....use your imagination creatively, give thanks to the Creator of All That Is and enjoy!

Profile and Description of Vibrational Essence to REMOVE BLOCKS TO VIBRATIONAL REMEDIES/ABUSE™

Remove Blocks to Vibrational Remedies/Abuse™ is a phenomenal product that removes frequency blocking and frequency blocking “shields” from the subtle physical bodies (energy field) of individuals. This essence combination can also be used with animals. The use of this remedy prior to applying other forms of vibrational or energetic treatment modalities can massively increase the effectiveness of these other treatment methods.

This vibrational remedy is designed and intended to remove blocks in the subtle “energy field” so one can become more receptive to vibrational and energetic healing modalities. It is also designed and intended to boost endocrine gland function by clearing blockages in the subtle energy processing faculties of the body and energy field.

Our Research in subtle energy phenomena indicates that people having experienced abuse and trauma in all of its forms, especially childhood or sexual abuse, exhibit several physiological and emotional challenges as a result of the abuse, as they mature into adulthood. At the time of the abuse, one seems to internalize feelings of shame and worthlessness at subconscious and emotional levels that then generates the following symptoms:

As you can gather from the above, there are many secondary challenges that may also result such as:

At an emotional/Spiritual/psychological level this essence is also designed and intended to:

You may wish to try this experiment:

General dosage is 3 drops twice a day or as determined by a qualified practitioner. No more than 1 bottle is needed per person.

Please note: This essence should not be diluted. It is potentized to a specific frequency of wave signature – dilution will compromise its effectiveness.

Please Note: There is nothing of a physical nature contained in this essence except mineralized water and alcohol (used as a preservative). All action by this product is at Spiritual/vibrational levels of being and its need and use should be determined by a qualified practitioner using kinesiology (muscle testing) or other reliable form of subtle energy field testing. Use of this product does not replace other forms of traditional therapy by qualified medical practitioners. The manufacturer and distributors of this product make no claims of benefit for physical or any other condition of the body or mind. This product is strictly educational and experimental and its use is wholly the responsibility of the user.


Spiritual Ecstasy™ was designed as a Spiritual acceleration formula to balance the human “energy field” and promote harmony to facilitate Spiritual growth work, energetic healing and bodywork, meditation, visualization & other Spiritual practices. It contains over 52,000,000 Spiritual frequencies and was developed in cooperation with the Devic forces of nature and forces of light. As with all of our essences, it has been potentized using numerous methods. It can be used in all of the traditional ways (Taken sublingually or a couple of drops rubbed topically into a Chakra location, etc.) and is particularly effective by putting seven to ten drops in a bath tub and relaxing for a while. This is a wonderful treatment, especially after heavy physical exertion, to relax muscles and connective tissue. This greatly minimizes muscular soreness the next day. It also assists in releasing mental stress that has become lodged in muscles.

Spiritual Ecstasy™ is also designed and intended to promote the following benefits:

As well as numerous other benefits.

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