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Come and join us for what previous participants have called a “life changing” experience

EVENTS LOCATION: Holiday Inn – Worthington, OH I-270 North and Highway 23 in Columbus, OH

For registration and further information contact: Fred Payne 859-361-3445 or Cathy Schleyer 740-816-0645

A Free Introduction to Phoenix Vibrational Healing™: Sacred Geometry in the Healing Arts

Come out and meet Fred Payne, the developer of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™, a comprehensive course in the healing arts. Learn how Sacred Geometry, Sacred Healing Codes and the Sacred Language of Light and Geometry can be applied in healing to remove energetic blockages and open the Body/Mind/Field complex to all vital sustaining energies to assure harmony in health and life. Discover how you can free yourself from repetitious and limiting life patterns with simple to use, highly effective procedures that empower you to direct your life more as you choose with greater ease, health and ability. Numerous individual and group clearings will be conducted. Bring some friends and experience instantaneous clearing technology. Website under construction at

Wednesday August 6th 7-10:30 P.M.
TUITION: Gifted to the Public by Fred Payne

Group Attunement for Prosperity and Abundance:

Fred will facilitate clearings for the group by applying Sacred Geometry and the unique Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ clearing technology using Sacred Healing Codes and Symbols. He will assist participants in clearing negative and subliminal programming, stored in the subconscious mind, which can block our efforts to manifest prosperity and abundance in our life. In this short workshop and clearing session Fred will demonstrate how this negative subconscious programming impedes our ability to create the life that we choose. Once these negative and self-limiting programs are cleared they are replaced with positive and life nurturing thoughts that can assist us in manifesting a more prosperous reality. Another benefit provided this evening is a clearing of past life vows, contracts and agreements of poverty that may still be affecting us in the present.

Thursday August 7th 7-10:30 P.M.
TUITION: $65.00

Level 1 Healing and Training Workshop

Advanced Techniques for Clearing Emotional Issues and Beyond:

This Level 1 Training Workshop in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ is the beginning of a new paradigm of reality and awareness and fosters a major enhancement of your personal empowerment over your life, health, spiritual contact and consciousness. With this first level you begin the journey to guide and direct your destiny and life circumstances according to your will and choosing. You will learn advanced techniques in Specialized Kinesiology, effective prayer for clearing purposes, basics of Vibrational Healing and more than 15 other advanced techniques of energetic healing for yourself and others.

The primary focus is on resolving emotional “baggage” and discordant “knee jerk” reactions to emotional stimuli from countless lifetimes. Another major benefit is the knowledge and ability to obtain guidance and information on any area of your life to assure direction on a moment to moment basis. Clearings are provided to remove all blocks and barriers that participants may have to accomplishing the techniques. Everyone will get it!

If you are ready for an accelerated new level of awareness and personal power, the opportunity is here now!

Bring your supplements for review, optional pendulum and six self-help/metaphysical books.

Saturday and Sunday August 9th and 10th 10 A.M.-6 P.M.
TUITION: $400.00 ($50 Deposit required to reserve your space)

An Evening of Clearing and Healing:

An evening of deep and profound clearings and rebalancing to assist in our constantly increasing vibrational frequency. The evening will consist of a series of clearings as guided by Spirit and our High Selves. Fred will bring his resources and conduct research in real time to determine the necessary clearings for the group needs. After determining imbalances and blockages that need addressing, we will conduct the clearings needed to get these blockages and discord out of our bodies and energy fields so we can evolve with greater grace and ease. This is a powerful evening, similar to the Group Appointment, where clearings are provided for your specific needs and benefit.

Tuesday August 12th 7-10:30 P.M.
Tuition: $85.00

Level 2 Healing and Training Workshop

Subtle Energy and Vibrational Healing

Weekend Intensive Schedule:

NOTE: Prerequisite for Level 2 is prior Level 1 Workshop: Advanced Techniques for Clearing Emotional Issues and Beyond.

Saturday August 16th 10 A.M.-6 P.M.

Sunday August 17th 10 A.M.-6 P.M.


PLEASE BRING: A pendulum, if you use one, notebook and on SUNDAY: A massage table, exercise mat or blanket.

Saturday and Sunday August 16th and 17th 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Tuition: $400.00 (includes essences).

This is an extensive hands-on training workshop for healing practitioners, aspiring healers and those seeking accelerated personal growth. Wonderful healings often occur during and following the workshop. Come with the willingness to process.

Fred Payne, The Developer of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™

is offering a series of events in your area. These events are designed to educate, enlighten and empower. Anyone that is interested in accelerated personal growth and self empowerment, the healing arts or personal healing is encouraged to take advantage of these events.



Fred Payne is a nationally known teacher, spiritual frequency healer & subtle energy researcher. He is the founder, developer and instructor of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ He has over 35 years of experience in the metaphysical sciences including sacred geometry, vibrational and frequency healing and subtle energy phenomena. A lecturer and teacher since 1972, he has unique tools and techniques to offer the individual and the professional healer alike so as to advance their personal development goals and accelerate their professional healing practices. He is a nearly unlimited resource for learning the healing arts and ascension technology. Fred teaches in a lucid, down-to-earth, enjoyable and approachable style.

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___Group Attunement for Prosperity and Abundance
      Thursday August 7th 7-10:30 P.M. $65.00
No Deposit – Come and bring some friends

___Level 1 Healing and Training Workshop
      Saturday & Sunday August 9th & 10th 10 A.M.-6 P.M. $400.00
($50 deposit required)

___An Evening of Clearing and Healing
      Tuesday August 12th 7-10:30 P.M. $85.00
No Deposit – Come and bring some friends

___Level 2 Healing and Training Workshop
      Saturday & Sunday August 16th & 17th 10 A.M.-6 P.M. $400.00
($50 deposit required)

To pre-register for any of the events; please make all checks payable to Fred Payne and mail to:
Fred Payne
204 Koster Dr.
Lexington, KY 40503

For more information about Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ check out our website under construction at

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