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What is the First Group Appointment and
How can I Participate?

Many have described The First Group Appointment as the most transformational event they have attended. This Group Appointment is even more extensive than a private session, once available with Fred. It provides about 5 hours of intense personal healing. Approximately 3 hours are accomplished in this live group event and another 2 hours are provided from a distance.

The entire group (limited in number) participates in a continuous series of clearing processes. Short breaks are interspersed throughout the evening. This is indeed an intense healing experience.

After having done several thousand individual appointments over many years, Fred has discovered that virtually every person needs essentially the same series of initial procedures to assure the greatest gain with all of their healing goals.

The empowerment and clearing procedures accomplished in this First Group Appointment can enhance a person’s healing objectives at any level, be it physical, mental, Spiritual, emotional, or psychological. Energetically, the blockages in the subtle anatomy and faculties of the body that are cleared in this First Group Appointment can be a major contributor to any complaint or imbalance. The primary aim of the Appointment is to optimally benefit everyone attending by clearing a large number of potential imbalances.

Specific clearings are provided to address energetic imbalances that can contribute to chronic fatigue including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. We have found that many of these energetic imbalances are also prevalent with the general populace, even though many have not yet manifested the full array of symptoms inherent with these disease states. Many people complain of fatigue and sore muscles and joints which are symptoms of these disease states.

A month or so after the Group Appointment, if you still have specific complaints remaining, you may wish to work with one of our Advanced Practitioners to address more specific issues. A huge amount of foundational clearing will have already been accomplished by the Group Appointment and will not need to be facilitated by the Practitioner. Therefore, the time that you may spend with them will be more case specific. All Practitioners listed are trained in the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Apprenticeship Program and are gifted healers in their own right. Most have other extensive skills and certifications in the healing arts that complement their training in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™.

If you would like to know more about how energetic healing addresses disease conditions, please see additional articles available on this site.

The general format for the First Group Appointment is as follows:

The first series of procedures include processes to regain personal responsibility over your body, mind, energy field and psyche as well as your life, activity and experience. The word responsibility means “the ability to respond” and without it you don’t have full ability to respond to circumstances in your life. The second step is an extensive series of empowerments to regain your ability to effect positive change and have personal control over the things, energies and influences in your life and your experience of it. This series of empowerments will serve you throughout the rest of your life, no matter what you choose to do or any other form of healing that you pursue. You are now more empowered to do something positive about any condition that you are seeking to influence. How many times have we given our power away? How many times did we abdicate responsibility to another or an organization? We’ve done it with our parents, our government, our boss, our spouse, our banks and other institutions, our doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, and the list goes on. Can anyone else truly be responsible for our own personal healing? As a result of giving our power and responsibility away in the past, we energetically no longer have full control. This is where we regain our power and ability. Without it we can do little to initiate positive change. After accomplishing these empowerments, we now proceed with an extensive series of clearing procedures interspersed with grounding exercises and short intermissions. It is necessary to frequently ground participants back into their physical body during these clearing procedures. This helps to integrate the clearing and healing procedures at more physical levels into the physical body. Altogether there are more than eighty clearings provided in this First Group Appointment. The specific clearings are too extensive to enumerate here, but in general they are all formatted to accomplish the following objectives:

Much deeper levels of energetic correction and protection for land and your home can be accomplished by the application of the Transformational Bliss™ product line available on this site. These products are very reasonable and highly effective. Altogether, the First Group Appointment provides about five hours of clearings and healing activities for a very reasonable fee. There also is available a Second Group Appointment that participants can attend at least one month following the First Group Appointment. The primary focus of the Second Group Appointment is to assist the individual in achieving enhanced levels of personal sovereignty, authority and control over their life, activity, experience, goals, and desires. Over 80 additional empowerment processes and clearings are provided in this session. Again, this is a highly advanced healing and clearing session that takes the individual to their next level of empowerment and ability.

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