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Good Vibrations

The room is quiet with expectation, the only noticeable movement a soft swaying of an angel mobile in the corner. Thirty people sit straight in chairs, feet firmly planted on the floor. They close their eyes in silent anticipation as they meditate, focusing on carefully chosen words that will inspire healing. Fred Payne's gentle southern drawl interrupts the silence as he offers encouragement and support. And then it happens . . .

He breathes in deeply and expels the air with a forceful whoosh. Even those who are new to the process can feel it. The air shimmers with electricity. Fingertips tingle. He breathes out again and this time the effect is even more intense. Wave after wave of powerful frequencies billow through the room, dislodging etheric blockages that cause disharmony and dis-ease in the physical and subtle bodies of those present. Some react to the vibrations more strongly than others, but everyone receives a clearing this night.

Just to prove the point, Fred asks for a volunteer. She walks up to the stool in the front of the room, still shaky from this altering experience. Using Kinesiology, he asks her to hold out her arm parallel to the floor. He checks her reflexes by testing her arm strength to yes and no questions. And then he asks; How many blocks, barriers and issues causing or contributing to her chosen issue have been eliminated as a result of her exposure to these energetic clearings this evening? More than two hundred thousand? Yes. More than five hundred thousand? Yes. More than a million? Yes! More than one million fifty thousand blockages were removed, opening her inner channels to a greater connection with pure, unadulterated God light. Not bad for an hour's worth of time. Fred smiles. He knew it would happen.

That's the privilege of being a healer. Fred Payne doesn't quite know how to answer when he is asked what he does for a living. Some people are confused when he tells them he's a vibrational healer or a subtle energy researcher. They're not sure what that means exactly, and perhaps they're afraid to ask. But he wants them to ask because that's what his life's work is all about. He has spent over thirty years researching subtle energetic healing and conducting teaching and healing workshops in the desire to share his knowledge and abilities with as many people as possible in order to bring more light to the world.

Disharmony occurs because man, made in the image of his Creator, was given free will. Through the use of this will, man has created frequencies that are less than the perfection of God, miscreations, if you will. These distortions cause subtle concretions and crystallizations to form in the aura, energy field, chakras, meridians, nadis, and the central channel which in turn block the flow of divine energy, God Light, into a person's subtle energy field and physical body. This, in essence, eventually can become a disease. This is where the vibrational healer comes forth.

A vibrational healer knows that most people have been manipulated by destructive frequencies by default. Not understanding the workings of cosmic law, they have been bombarded by these frequencies and therefore weakened from shortages of divine light. The frequency healer knows that constructive vibrations can be used consciously to dissolve these concretions, which then opens up the channel of pure God Light from above. It is spiritual and mental alchemy. It is the transmutation of darkness to light. It is the reversal of physical matter back into its previous state of pure unqualified energy.

It is this alchemy that Fred would like to share with others. It is his ardent desire to work with other healers, teaching them to integrate his techniques with theirs to increase the power of the light work they already do. His research at the present time includes several thousand different modalities and techniques in the field of vibrational healing. These techniques either clear blockages from the subtle energy field or integrate missing frequencies to open the divine light channel. Nothing gives Fred more pleasure than to assist in a person's individual healing or to facilitate them in assisting the healing of others because the spiritual alchemy that happens from person to person will speed up the planet's transformation to light.

What's a vibrational healer? It's someone who helps another accelerate his consciousness which leads to greater levels of awareness, autonomy and self empowerment. This allows a person to see greater possibilities, and seeing greater possibilities opens the door to greater gifts.

Fred concludes the evening in the same easy style with which he began. He patiently stays behind until everyone who has an extra question or need has been helped. He packs up his things, leaves behind his blessings, and moves on to the next place that needs him. For that is the life of a vibrational healer.

If you are seeking accelerated personal growth and healing, or if you are a healer or have a desire to be and you are interested in increasing your power to heal by integrating subtle energy techniques, you can participate in upcoming workshops and events Fred will conduct soon.

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