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Phoenix Vibrational Healing™
Instructions for Grounding Exercises

This grounding technique consists of several procedures that are performed in sequential order to enhance their effectiveness.

Procedure #1: The first thing is to literally command oneself to get back into the body. Understand that the physical and subtle bodies are subject to our control. When we ask or command our body to do something, there is often a literal, physical change that occurs. We are going to repeat the following command emphatically and with the authority of one who has control over the physical body. This command is best stated aloud exactly as given at least six times, and should be repeated with the eyes open.

The command is:

Get myself back in this body! Get myself back in this body! …

Procedure #2: With either of your hands, palms facing down, start at the base of the back of your neck and sweep your hand forward along the midline of your head until your hand arrives at the nose. DO NOT bring your hand any lower than your nose. This sweep is done some short distance off of the physical scalp. Once you complete the sweep to the level of the nose, now bring your hand around the side of your head to the nape of your neck and repeat this procedure. It is best to repeat this procedure six or eight times using either hand.

What we are actually doing is sweeping our hand with a physical motion along the pathway of one of the major meridians of the body, the governing vessel, in the direction of its natural flow. While doing this procedure it is also possible to simultaneously accomplish the next procedure.

Procedure #3: We are going to recite aloud our full birth name, including the maiden name. This can be accomplished in conjunction with the sweeping exercise described above, and for the same number of times. Your birth name carries your radionic signature. Energetically it describes the frequency of who you are. Use only your birth name. In other words, do not use nicknames, star names, or new names which you have changed legally or otherwise.

Procedure #4: While seated, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth while holding your hands out to your sides, palms down. On the out-breath we are going to send energy down to a Chakra known as the Earth Star Chakra, or grounding Chakra, which is directly below your tailbone. Do this several times.

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