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How to participate in Clearing/Healing while exploring the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Website

Various areas of this site are energetically interactive. Some of the words, images, and tools here are vibrationally encoded to facilitate a clearing for the participant. For you to partake of this you simply need to put forth your will and intention to be open to the healing that Spirit can provide for you while you are here. Additional information that may enhance your journey and healing potential is given here.

Vibrational Field

As you explore this site, know that you are capable of interacting with a field of intention and healing that interpenetrates all of the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ work and embodiment of knowledge. This is a frequency field of vibrational intent that has been projected and held by the developers of this work. Participating in this vibrational field of intent gives your High Self the opportunity to draw upon available resources to affect your highest healing if you will simply remain open and believe that this is possible. Be assured that this is, indeed, possible and that many healing resources are available on this site if you choose to participate.

Our language itself is Divine and vibrationally encoded with frequencies. In most instances, people are unaware of this, and so this feature is often overlooked and seldom used to deliberate advantage.

Hundreds of people have expressed to us that they have received a healing while attending a PVH™ event, even though no specific clearing processes may have been performed for them. Oftentimes a person will receive a healing while another is participating in a demonstration. This is because they are sitting within this field of vibrational intent being sustained by the developers of PVH™. They may also be in resonance with the same clearing that is occurring for the individual in the demonstration. Healing Codes, Symbols, frequencies and entire healing processes are integrated within the morphogenetic field of Fred and this embodiment of work. Simply being in the room while he is speaking this Vibrationally Encoded Language of Light and Geometry, gives those present the opportunity to receive healing frequencies. Some of these resources are also available by exploring this site. You may wish to visit our On-Line Clearing Tools section where we have made specific clearings available.

In particular, we would like to direct you to the testimonials of others available on site. As you read these testimonials of hope and benefit that others have experienced, it’s possible that you may “tap into” some of the field of healing that they have experienced. In addition, many other areas of the site present opportunities for healing and empowerment. Some areas are even deliberately designed to do so. This concept may be entirely foreign to your sensibilities, but it is true nonetheless.

So how do you even recognize when a healing opportunity presents itself? What will you feel when a clearing process is taking place and how can you make the most of it? The following may provide you with some indicators in answer to these questions.

How do you recognize when a healing process is occurring or available?

Often when a clearing process or healing frequencies are available, your body will give you a subtle kinesthetic response or “feeling.” Some of these bodily responses can even be pervasive and magnanimous. At other times it may be so subtle that you just have this “feeling” that something unusual is occurring.

Woman touching tree

One of the most common subtle body responses is a “tingling,” particularly in the extremities, fingers or toes. One can also suddenly feel chilled or begin to perspire. Flushing may occur in the face. You can also suddenly feel short of breath and be prompted to sigh, yawn or breathe deeply. This is the time to do just that - Breathe! With continued clearing, your eyes may glaze over or become slightly bloodshot. Breathe! You may also start to feel “spacey,” ungrounded, light-headed or even experience a slight headache. Symptoms of clearing are often felt in the head. An energetically sensitive person in close proximity, and perhaps even you, may feel that energy or a sleight breeze of sorts are moving around the body or in the room while a clearing is taking place. Some people interpret this as a temperature shift in the room – either warm or cool.

In addition, you could also have an emotional response or reaction. If, while reading a passage or paragraph, you sense an emotional upwelling, go back and read the passage aloud. As you do this, you will be intensifying the power of the clearing potential. When we speak the frequencies aloud we are literally giving ourselves a potentized frequency treatment program and bringing it one step further into physicality. We are vibrating the ethers with intentional sound healing frequencies at a very physical level. After you complete the reading aloud, then conduct the “Clearing Breath” and Grounding exercises described below.

Whenever you experience any of the above symptoms you are experiencing a clearing/healing process. In the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ training, we teach specific breathing techniques that are very effective to facilitate clearings and other processes. In order to “process” (or transmute) the discordant frequencies from your “energy field” you will need to Breathe. The most effective breathing technique for transmutation is what we call the “Clearing Breath.”

Technique of the Clearing Breath:

To accomplish this, you inhale deeply through the nose (do not hold it in) and exhale deeply through the mouth. Continue this “Clearing Breath” for a while as the process completes itself. As you breathe, consciously intend and visualize that the discordant energy (actually substance) is transmuting outward throughout your entire “energy field,” more than 30 feet from your physical body. Breathe throughout your entire field, not just your physical body. Do this with the will and intention to “Let Go Of” anything that is not in your highest and best good.

We stress that the intention and affirmation is to “Let Go Of.” DO NOT use the term “release.” Further information about this word “release” is available in the Techniques for Self Empowerment section.

As your “process” tapers off, you may get a sense when you are complete with this deep breathing. If not, then keep breathing for a while longer, using the “Clearing Breath.” If you are familiar with dowsing or kinesiology, you can check to see if you are 100% complete with this process. If not, continue breathing to a confirmed completion.

The Healing Codes, Frequencies and Programs that you receive will counterwave the frequencies or vibrations of discordant or blocking energy or substances in the body/mind/energy field complex, but you must then breathe to dissolve this substance throughout your entire field. The process is actually one of transmutation - from matter back into unqualified ether. The discordant substance is being transmuted; it is not “something” that someone else can or will “take on.”

After completing the clearing processes, you will want to perform the Grounding exercises described in the Techniques for Self Empowerment section, to ground the clearings in the physical body. To print a copy of the Grounding exercises, click HERE. Many daily activities like driving can be difficult or dangerous if one is “spaced out in the ozone.” Yes, I can hear it now. This is where some people say, “Oh NO Fred, we don’t have to come back down now do we?” As much fun as it may be to float around in “La-La Land,” it’s now time to get back in your body!

This is the power of Vibrational Healing, and you can experience it right here and now. Be assured that much discord in your life can simply leave through this work. You may even get a sense of “lightening” as though some burden has been removed.

Merkaba Light Body

This sense of feeling lighter often dissipates over the coming hours or days as your body becomes more accustomed to vibrating at this higher frequency level. This does not mean that the benefit that you received was only temporary. The level of clearing that you accomplished - the discordant substance - is permanently gone. As a result, your baseline vibratory frequency has risen significantly. In essence, you are no longer the same person. Subsequent clearings will continue to raise your baseline vibratory frequency to even higher levels. Your general levels of consciousness and awareness will also be increasing. This is the reason why so many people say that they are no longer the same person after experiencing the PVH™ healing processes. THEY AREN’T!

Vibrational and Spiritual clearing techniques can initiate physical and emotional processing and detoxification:

Following any particularly intense clearing, you may experience symptoms of physical detoxification throughout the coming days. This will lessen with each passing day and is a normal response that can vary in intensity. If this occurs, you will then know that you have had a healing experience. The clearing of etheric and subtle physical discord and substance then allows the body to let go of physical toxins. It is discordant etheric and emotional substance which binds physical toxins and poisons to the cellular level of the body. We can let go of these toxins with ease and grace. There is no need for it to be painful or to gnash our teeth. There is also no longer any need for the pain from our past to continue to impact our present and cause dysfunction.

Continuance of suffering is not some noble art that earns us points to enter heaven. It just makes our life a little more hellish while we’re here in a body!

We at Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ intend and hold the vision for you to receive your highest and best in healing and in life, whether you get it here or elsewhere. Healing miracles are for everyone! Above all, have some fun while you’re here. You see, that’s just what some people think this is – FUN!

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