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Your Infant and Vaccinations
Article by Linda Eckstein, PVH™ Level 4 Advanced Practitioner

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We found out that she was pregnant with our second grandchild in July. I knew that it would be a boy. We did some standard prenatal energy work, using Phoenix Vibrational Healing, just as we had done for his sister the year before. We cleared False Karma, Disease Miasms, anything blocking the ability of the soul to fully integrate with the physical body, and other work in our protocol. His energy was clear, strong, pure.

Mother and Infant

He was born by cesarean section in February. It was an uneventful birth. Just moments after his birth, he was taken to the hospital nursery, where he was tested, weighed, measured, given immunizations, blood tests and a host of other non-nurturing procedures. The nurse administering these procedures was fast, efficient, and completely detached. It was as if she was readying a piece of meat for market. There was nothing in the two hours that he spent in the nursery that comforted him; that soothed the trauma of being taken from his mother’s warm, quiet womb into this bright, white, cold, hard environment.

Fortunately, there is an entire protocol in PVH™ that clears Birth Trauma. We did this work, as well as clearing the energetic imprint of all the instruments which had invaded his physical body: needles, scalpels, forceps. Energetic imprints that could block the flow of vital life force through his tiny body.

When I first held this wondrous new life, I felt something that I had not felt with his sister, or to put it more accurately, I wasn’t feeling something that I had felt with his sister. I assumed it was simply the difference in sibling energy. He was not quite there, not fully present. I couldn’t feel that pure, strong energy that I had felt when he was in the womb.

Pollen Spheriods

As the weeks went on, his disconnect from the outside world became more apparent to me and I became concerned. I double-checked to make sure that all the energetic work was completed. It was. I did additional work. I consulted with other practitioners. He seemed to improve, yet that bond, that connectedness was still missing. Finally, I consulted with Fred and Amy. They suggested a clearing that “rounds out the sharp edges of a vaccination.” I did that clearing for him on a Monday and didn’t see him again until the following Sunday.

The difference in him was amazing. He was here! Fully present, interactive, CONNECTED! He was making eye contact, cooing, smiling! It was a miracle.

My experience with PVH is that it can be a miracle, and I am so grateful to have been taught this incredible work.

The clearing for rounding out the sharp edges of the vaccine is basically done through visualization and mental alchemy. Picture a molecule with sharp spikes, similar to a porcupine or a virus. Visualize them softening and rounding out, until the molecule is smooth and no longer creates irritation to the body and the energy field. Our thoughts can literally alter physical matter.

Some of this other work is taught in the level I, II and III public Workshops. The more advanced clearings for Birth Trauma, Devices in the Energy Field and False Karma are taught in the Apprenticeship Program. These protocols can create miraculous shifts in energy.

Phoenix Vibrational Healing has a host of individual clearings for spiritual, physical and emotional issues. There are also numerous protocols - specific series of clearings, empowerments and integrations designed to assist with everything from disease states to addictions. Many of these protocols were used in this testimonial.

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