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What is Vibrational Healing and how does it work?

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The difference between one form of physical matter and another is simply its vibrational state or condition. This also applies to the energetic realms beyond the level of physical matter, including Spiritual energies, substance and matter. Higher vibrational rates denote subtler forms of matter or energy, including thought, emotions and feelings, while lower “slower” vibrational states represent the dense physical matter that we experience in our world.

What’s known as the “subtle energy field” surrounding the body is, in simplest terms, a “transducer or transformer” that “steps down” higher vibrational frequencies of energy and substance until they eventually concrete as our physical bodies. Therefore, imperfections or blockages within our subtle “energy” bodies eventually manifest as congestion and blockages in the denser physical bodies.

Auric Field

These forms of congestion and blockages then re-pattern the sustaining energies which we receive into a distorted state thereby adulterating our own Divine geometric patterning. This congestion also blocks our full ability to receive and utilize these sustaining energies in their pristine and intended form and frequencies and impairs their ability to support the physical body itself. All of this ultimately results in the depletion of needed energy and the distortion in replication of the physical cellular structure of the body. This distortion in physical replication combined with the energetic depletion is the primary cause of the aging process in addition to being the primary initiator of disease conditions. Since the body is “ill at ease” this condition creates tremendous stress on all of the bodily systems further depleting energy resources.

The purpose of all vibrational healing modalities is to clear discordant matter from the subtle ‘energy’ bodies and the dense physical body, thereby perfecting the template that eventually coalesces as our third dimensional physical body.

There are many techniques and modalities that have been discovered and researched in the vibrational healing arts. Some common ones that you may be familiar with are acupuncture, flower essences, aromatherapy, gem elixirs, and homeopathy. Interestingly, even herbs, as physical as they are, contain their own vibrational properties that augment their healing powers and abilities in addition to their biochemical constituents.

As a general rule, the denser the physical-ness of an applied substance or technique, the more it works on the physical body. This would apply to herbs, foods and allopathic medications, where chemical constituents physically alter blood chemistry. The use of other higher vibrational tools, for instance a flower essence, primarily interacts with the subtler physical bodies, or what some have termed the subtle “energy” bodies. When applied with specific knowledge they can eliminate aberrant patterns and frequencies that block sustaining energy and can result in dis-ease. The primary object of all higher frequency forms of vibrational healing is to clear discordant form, substance, matter, energy and patterns existing in the subtle “energy” bodies so that we can transduce down the Creator’s infinite energy in a purer state. This allows us to manifest or materialize a more perfected physical form at the level of the human body and consciousness.

In accordance with another cosmic law, the law of correspondence, which states “as above, so below; as below, so above,” one can change the physical body by working on the subtle “energy” bodies and one can conversely change the subtle bodies by working on the physical. However, due to the innate tendency of the physical body to take in energy and substance from higher vibrational planes, the propensity is for the physical body to be most easily influenced by changes in the subtle physical bodies.

Wave Form

The less dense this subtle physical matter is, the easier it is to transmute and clear before it concretes into dense physical substance. In essence, for every substance and its corresponding vibration or frequency there also exists it’s polar opposite. We call this the counterwave frequency. When it is applied with knowledge and understanding it can dissolve or transmute literal physical matter. This is similar to the relationship of matter and anti-matter - when they meet, they consume one another. The resultant remainder of this process is energy and unqualified ether. When the PVH™ healing processes are applied, this resulting energy and ether being released is palpable in the room where the clearing is taking place.

The primary activity of various vibrational healing techniques is to provide vibrations, in the appropriate frequency, to off-set, transmute or counter-wave the vibrational frequency of discordant substance or matter that is blocking the free flow of life force energy throughout the subtle and physical bodies. An analogy would be when we add a base substance to an acidic substance to neutralize it. Of course this is a simplified example of how vibrational healing works, but its activity is essentially the same.

Each technique in the vibrational healing arts is targeted to the given strata of vibrational frequencies which correspond to the individual subtle physical bodies and the dense physical body itself. For instance, in homeopathy the various potencies of the homeopathic remedies address corresponding strata of physical and subtle substance. As a rule, the lower the potency of a homeopathic remedy, the more it will be working in the physical body, and the higher the potency, the more it will apply to varying grades of the subtle physical bodies, even affecting emotions, personality, and psychological states.

The Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ system has been developed to access and transmute blockages throughout all of these vibrational strata. There are techniques to address etheric congestion, emotional issues, thoughts and thought forms, subconscious and unconscious levels of mind, feelings, and even the higher vibrational Spiritual bodies, making it one of the most comprehensive systems of healing available.

If you wish to learn more about the workings of Vibrational Healing, please continue to explore our site. We also recommend the book: Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D. Or even better, come learn how to do it and experience it for yourself with us.

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