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Phoenix Vibrational Healing™, like all other forms of “alternative” or “wholistic” treatment modalities, is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment by qualified medical practitioners. It is, instead, a form of complementary therapy. It is intended to complement and augment the science and skills of traditional medicine.

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In the past century tremendous advances have been made in the traditional medical sciences, which are based on principles of scientific discovery that we cannot ignore. Medical science has been responsible for the saving of countless human lives and the curing of many disease states. We are indeed very fortunate to have gained this scientific knowledge based on sound scientific research and protocols. If you have a physical disease or condition, we always recommend that you see a qualified medical practitioner in regard to your challenge.

Wholistic or alternative therapies, even though they do not replace traditional medical treatment, attempt to take into account that the individual is a whole being, not simply physical in nature. These alternative or wholistic treatments attempt to address all facets of the human being, including the energetic, the emotional, the mental and the Spiritual aspects. This is literally what the term “wholistic” means – whole person healing. By addressing these more etheric or subtle constituents of a physical imbalance, wholistic, alternative or complementary therapies offer many of us the opportunity to discover and resolve the role that our mind, emotions and Spiritual beliefs contribute to maintaining and restoring health and balance.

These more subtle constituents that can contribute to disease and imbalance of the physical body are, for the most part, undetectable and unable to be quantified by traditional scientific diagnostic methods. In recent years, some subtle energetic diagnostic technology has begun to emerge that can locate, identify and assist in resolving imbalances of some of these more subtle aspects of the whole person.

Holistic Medicines

Some wholistic or alternative therapies, more commonly applied in Eastern medical traditions, like Acupuncture and Ayurvedic Medicine, have been used to enhance health for thousands of years. These largely Eastern medical traditions also embrace wholistic or whole person healing. There are many ways in which alternative therapies can augment traditional medical treatment modalities, since to a large extent, traditional (allopathic) medicine does not address these more subtle energetic aspects of healing.

Unfortunately, some traditional medical treatments have the potential to disturb and even block these subtle energetic faculties of the body. When both traditional and wholistic treatment protocols are employed, both approaches to healing can often be made even more effective.

From strictly an energetic viewpoint, we would like to review at this time some possible ramifications that may result from traditional medical therapy that can be assisted by complementary healing.

The first item we would like to address is the energetic aspect of surgical procedures or injury upon the human subtle anatomy. Understand that we do not intend to address this subject in its entirety, for that would require an entire volume. We do, however, wish to point out some of the more common energetic constituents that we have discovered so that one might make informed decisions in regard to these potential energetic imbalances.

When surgical procedures are performed, there is potential for disturbance of the energetic faculties of the body. The first item unaccounted for by traditional medical science, is that when an incision or wound occurs to the physical body, this is not simply severing physical cellular structure. There are energetic pathways within and surrounding the physical body vehicle that are also severed by surgical procedures.

Meridian Lines of a Human Body

One of these subtle energy systems is the meridian system of the body. These meridians traverse up and down the length of the human anatomy and supply Chi or Vital Life Force energy to all areas and organs of the body. In fact, Chinese Medicine has already named these meridians for their associated organ systems, such as the Bladder Meridian, the Liver Meridian, etc.

When there is a surgical procedure, the incision can also sever these very important energy pathways, thereby blocking or impeding the flow of Vital Life Force throughout this vital circuitry. There is a technique that is taught in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ by which we reconnect and complete these vital energy circuits of the human subtle anatomy. This reconnection can also accelerate recovery and healing to the affected area.

Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the trauma and shock induced by surgical procedures and injury. This trauma and shock often becomes energetically imbedded into these same meridians, their associated Chakras, and the cellular level of the physical body. Also, due to trauma, injury or surgical procedures, Chakras can become fragmented and fail to function properly. When this trauma, shock and panic are removed energetically from the body following a surgical procedure or injury, healing can often result at the physical level at an astonishing rate.


The meridians and Chakras are not the only energetic faculties which can be disturbed or disrupted by surgical and medical procedures. Even though we consider our nervous system to be primarily a physical system of the body, it also has an energetic constituent. When nerves are severed at the physical level, they have the ability, to some extent, to regenerate and create new pathways of transmission. Unfortunately, at the energetic level, nerves can also be severed, further impairing the function of neurological faculties. The severance of these energetic nervous system faculties can also be reconnected at the energetic level by Advanced Practitioners of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™.

Additionally, any time an incision or wound occurs to the physical body there is a hole, gap or rupture that also occurs to protective energetic sheaths of the subtle anatomy. If the holes in these protective sheaths are not addressed, they can contribute to the following energetic imbalances.

Firstly, this protective sheath or membrane helps contain the Vital Life Force within the person’s physical and subtle anatomy. Often at the site of surgery or wounding, the person’s own etheric energy will begin to leak or drain out of the primary energetic systems of the body. This creates a situation of energetic loss, and therefore this vital energy is not available to assist in the healing and recovery process.

Secondly, this hole, leak or drain can operate in reverse and allow intrusion by more subtle etheric influences into the body as they breach the energetic protective faculties. This is often a contributor to complications arising after surgery or injury. Understand that even bacteria and viruses have a subtle energetic component, and very much like a conscious entity, they realize that there has been a breach in these protective faculties. These holes or ruptures can also open the way for intrusion by discordant Spiritual influences.

There are many other energetic imbalances that may ensue as a result of surgery or injury to the physical body, and we can only cover a few here. It is our hope that this will give you some understanding of these potential challenges and their ability to be energetically resolved. By applying some of these very specific Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ techniques, a resolution to these and a multitude of other energetic imbalances and discord can be accomplished in a very short period of time by a qualified practitioner.

Most of the energetic issues described here are addressed in the First Group Appointment. Many can also be addressed by a First Level Advanced Practitioner, and a Third Level Advanced Practitioner can accomplish all of these corrective procedures.

Traditional medical technology, complemented by extremely powerful and effective energetic healing modalities, can often produce nearly miraculous results in record time. The National Institute of Health is now exploring complementary healing methods and their potential cooperation with traditional medical science to determine the increased levels of effectiveness in healing and treatment. We need to apply all of our knowledge and resources to the art of healing in order to best serve humanity and enhance the quality of all of our lives.

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