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How PVH™ Addresses Relationship Difficulties

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As with all of the articles and sections of this website, each could be expounded upon to construct an entire book. All areas of healing overlap into other applications, so know that reading other articles/ sections of the website can assist you in gaining further insight into how the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ techniques can be used to address any given situation or challenge.

Our purpose here is to give you a few brief insights into how the PVH™ energy healing techniques can be applied to create greater harmony in relationships, not just with others, but also with ourselves. Obviously, the most important relationship we have is with ourselves as this one influences every other relationship in our lives. There are literally dozens of PVH™ techniques to assist in harmonizing relationships. These same techniques can also be applied to business relationships, relationships with animals and other kingdoms of nature. Our objective here is to give you some understanding about the complex energetic components that can influence the interaction of people in relationship. Level 4 Advanced Practitioners have attained proficiency in addressing all of the areas mentioned in this article. Fred also conducts an event entitled A Group Attunement to Promote Fulfilling Relationships which provides some of the clearings which we will enumerate as well as many others.

About energies and forces of conflict:

Energies and forces of conflict are just what they imply: an energy or force causing or creating conflict in a relationship of any kind. Each individual in a relationship can have many of these. They are energetic phenomena carried in the body/mind/energy field that serves as an energetic complex or pattern of conflict. This tends to evoke an on-going energetic irritation in the relationship that is somewhat subjective and difficult to isolate. A tremendous amount of our communication occurs beyond the level of verbalization. This problem tends to induce energetic contamination into subtle, non-verbal forms of communication which can cause misunderstandings. The conscious mind and ego personality then have to expend energy in some form to off-set or overcome these conflicts. This results in stress and consumption of energy that could better be utilized for harmonization and cooperation.

Wedding Couple

There is an interesting fact that we have discovered and confirmed with thousands of people in our public events.

Often many of these energies and forces of conflict are introduced into both parties at some point in the marriage ceremony. Time and again we confirm in our public events that the two individuals had few if any energies and forces of conflict with their marriage partner just minutes prior to the marriage ceremony. They invariably have numerous of these energies and forces of conflict immediately following the ceremony. Perhaps this has something to do with the activity of dedicating oneself to another in the ceremony. Isn’t this an interesting start to a new marriage?

In addition, any form of relationship can be encumbered by these energies and forces of conflict including those within the business community and with animals. Interestingly, there can also be energies and forces of conflict with plants, foods, pollen and even with activities. This is often a primary cause of allergies and sensitivities of every description. We have seen thousands of these “allergies and sensitivities” simply go into remission after clearing these energies and forces of conflict with the offending substance, food source or activity. Have you ever seen what seems to be an allergic reaction to an activity you wish to accomplish?

These energies and forces of conflict can simply be cleared in a just a couple of minutes using the PVH™ clearing technology.

Energetic allergies between two people in relationship:

When two people are in close relationship and spend a great deal of time together, there sometimes develops an energetic allergy between the two individuals. This especially occurs after situations where one party may feel disempowered or after an altercation, even if the disagreement is later amicably resolved. Many of us tend to stuff our feelings and opinions and just get on with life. This may also foster the development of these energetic allergies. These forms of energetic allergies between people differ from the energies and forces of conflict described above and are cleared through a different process. This form can be much more severe in its disturbance than an energy or force of conflict.

Sunset Couple

The result of these energetic allergies is that the two individuals feel strained in their relationship and communication with one another. Often, hurt feelings continue for no apparent reason and often the two seek time away from one another to avoid being in each other’s energy field. The allergic reaction seems to be mostly energetic and psychologically based and impairs harmony and communication in the relationship. This then fosters a state where other misunderstandings can occur and the situation can eventually become a syndrome that self perpetuates with no apparent initiation. The clearing of this energetic allergy can almost immediately relieve these symptoms and initiate greater harmony and communication.

This condition is very easy to verify with appropriate knowledge in specialized kinesiology and can be cleared in less than five minutes by a Level 4 PVH™ Advanced Practitioner. This clearing is also provided for participants in the Relationships public event conducted by Fred.

The phenomena of sexual energy bonds:

When two people are intimately involved, energy and information is exchanged on numerous and multi-dimensional levels. Our research in the PVH™ clearing technology indicates that one result of this intimate activity is the formation of an energetic bond between the two parties. Several of these bonds may attach into the energy field of both parties from repeated encounters. In addition, we have found that these sexual energy bonds are also attached into other people from previous lives. We have confirmed and cleared literally thousands of these sexual energy bonds from hundreds of people.

These bonds, similar to other discordant energy bonds, are a two way street. On one hand, the other person’s discordant energy can traverse the bond to come to you. On the other hand, beneficial Life Force Energy can be pulled from your energy field to the other person. I have seen instances where people are losing up to 30% of their Life Force Energy in this manner. This is indeed unfortunate because we all need our own Life Force Energy to maintain our physical energy levels, stamina and personal health. While we all may be familiar with and have experienced psychic vampirism, where we have felt energetically drained in the presence of another person, this form of energy draining is subjective and occurs at levels beyond the conscious threshold.

Couple Hugging

There are numerous other types of discordant energetic bonds that we can have with people from our past and present. These sexual energy bonds are extremely capable of affecting our present relationships. In addition, these energy bonds may be connected into the energy field of people with whom we no longer choose to be intimate. People grow, evolve and change – at least some of us do – and time and relationships march on. Is there an old lover, wife or husband that continues to crop into your mind – one that you just can’t seem to get beyond even though it ended years ago? Just know that with this potential, these past relationships can still have disruptive effects on our present relationships.

All of these sexual energy bonds can be simply cleared in a matter of minutes by a Level 1 PVH™ Advanced Practitioner. They are also cleared in the Relationships event conducted by Fred.

Relationships can have blockages to effective communication:

As mentioned before, communication between any two individuals takes place on numerous levels and dimensions. Some ancient traditions account for as many as 55 senses. For instance, in addition to the traditional five primary senses of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing, we also have other dimensional counterparts. Psychic sight is clairvoyance, psychic hearing is clairaudience, psychic feeling is clairsentience, etc. In addition to the physical senses, we also have etheric, mental, emotional, causal (feeling) and psychic senses about which little is written. These are all higher dimensional forms of senses operating above the third dimensional realm. We also communicate by way of body language, tones and inflections in the voice, facial and eye expressions among others.

All of these other forms of communication combine with the overt and verbal forms to relay knowledge, feeling, emotions, judgments, opinions, beliefs and information. We’re multi-dimensional beings. Due to the fact that these higher forms of communication are also relayed in higher dimensional strata, they are also higher in the energetic sense. They are transmitted in higher energy waveforms. Our subjective and subconscious faculties nonetheless manage to interpret these forms of communication through these higher senses and obtain information and feelings. However, this requires some form of translation and interpretation to stimulate concrete mental data which we understand in verbal terms.

Interpretation of lines

These faculties of translation and interpretation are influenced and colored by our emotional issues and triggers, feelings, moods, perception and a host of other factors that are attributes of the quantum field. Communication ultimately takes place through states and frequencies of vibration. People either feel a sense of resonance or non-resonance and sometimes they feel both, resulting in confusion, miscommunication and misunderstanding. This all takes place at energetic and vibrational levels. As the conscious mind is interpreting these higher levels of communication into verbal language, there are many possibilities for vibrational mistranslation which can result in misunderstanding. In effect, these are blockages and barriers to effective and accurate communication which can cause disharmony in relationships.

These blockages and barriers to effective communication can be quickly cleared by application of the PVH™ clearing technology. This results in enhanced levels of resonance between the parties and greater accuracy and understanding of subjective and verbal communication.

How a relationship can be “attuned” to bring about greater harmony:

Every relationship is the combination of two or more primary factors, each having their own discrete morphogenetic field. This morphogenetic field is the field out of which physicality manifests – the field or template out of which form (or matter) is caused to come into being. This applies to people, animals, plants, minerals and indeed anything that has consciousness or that has consciousness imbued into it by a living being. In addition, all activities, goals, games and desires have a morphogenetic field of consciousness that has been imbued by their creator or in the case of a sporting activity, by the people that created the sport and its rules, equipment and guidelines.

Since any relationship or activity has two or more morphogenetic fields that are endeavoring to combine in order for goals and objectives to be met, the greater the harmony in these two or more morphogenetic fields, the faster and more cooperative the relationship will become and results will be achieved. Conversely, the more disharmony and conflict contained within this combined field, the more resistance there will be to fulfillment of the desired goals. The combination of any two beings, or a person engaging in an activity actually creates a third morphogenetic field comprised of the combined consciousness of the participants. This third morphogenetic field is the new morphogenetic field of the relationship or the activity and contains the consciousness of all primary participants and the activity itself.

Grid Chakras Fire

This third new morphogenetic field can be attuned, balanced and harmonized so that its desired objectives and goals of activity meld into a more cohesive and balanced whole. This process can be facilitated any time that two or more morphogenetic fields combine to form a third to fulfill desired goals and objectives. As new goals and objectives are defined in a relationship, this third morphogenetic field adjusts just as would any evolving entity. This field is a dynamic living entity, not static. Therefore, as new goals and objectives are defined and incorporated, the field may require re-attunement from time to time.

When the field is attuned, balanced and harmonized, cooperation and coordination is heightened and goals and objectives are more readily met. This balancing brings the participants into the “flow” with the objectives of the activity while it simultaneously brings the activity into the “flow” of the participants. So the balancing is not just with the morphogenetic field of the activity but also with that of the parties participating – both are adjusted to achieve greater states of balance.

In the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ clearing technology we call this process “attuning the morphogenetic field” of a relationship or endeavor. This attunement process can be applied to most anything imaginable that one may want to accomplish. A marriage relationship or partnership, personal or business is only the most obvious.

Can you imagine how this might assist the principals in a closely held corporation? The business and participants, staff and employees can be attuned to new business objectives and directives. This will be the focus of a future article we intend to provide for the site but just know that this is possible now!

Horse and Jockey

There are countless other examples of application. For instance, a thoroughbred race horse can be attuned to its owner, trainer, jockey, groom, the race track, the activity of training, the activity of running a race, any medications administered and the list goes on – whatever the mind can conceive. A professional basketball player can be attuned to the coaches, team owners, team mates, the basketball and its size and weight, the goal, the court, eye and hand coordination, the activities of running, jumping, shooting and defending the goal. In fact, even subjective and psychic means of on-court communication can be enhanced. As you can see the possibilities are literally endless.

In essence, all that we desire to achieve in our life is accomplished through some form of relationship, isn’t it? An energetic healer that can assist us in resolving difficulties in our relationships and pave the way for harmonious cooperation is a valuable resource.

From the very first PVH™ training workshop and extending throughout the Apprenticeship Program, the student gains powerful and effective skills to work with relationships. With each Level of the Apprenticeship Program Advanced Practitioners gain even greater proficiency with relationship issues. A Level 4 Advanced Practitioner is specifically trained in the techniques of morphogenetic field attunement and can accomplish all of the clearings discussed here.

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