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As with all of the articles and sections of this website, each could be expounded upon to comprise an entire book. All areas of healing overlap into other applications, so know that reading other areas of the website can assist you in gaining further insight into how the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ techniques can be used to address any given situation or challenge. In particular, we refer the reader to the articles entitled If you have had surgery and Energetic contributors to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. These articles relate numerous conditions which can contribute to pain in the body emanating from energetic conditions.

This brief article is not intended to address sources of pain due to disease states and physiological causes. If you are experiencing pain we always recommend that you see a qualified medical practitioner first. Pain is an indicator of an imbalance, and the imbalances are sometimes not simply energetic in nature. Many disease states are accompanied by symptoms of pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and bursitis. There are traditional and alternative treatments available that can help.

We think it is important to mention that structural misalignment can be a potential source of pain in any area of the body, but especially in the back, spine, head, hips, or any other joint of the body. Sciatica is also a symptom of spinal misalignment. No type or amount of energetic technique is going to substitute for proper Chiropractic alignment because the misalignment is the source of the energy and nervous system imbalance. This is the specialized domain of Chiropractic and manipulating Osteopaths. This can be a major source for pain relief that you could consider seeking.

Our primary purpose here is to detail a few of the energetic imbalances that can contribute to pain. Addressing these imbalances can often assist in relieving pain and can augment traditional and other alternative treatment methods. These techniques are particularly effective for conditions when no physiological cause has been determined. Indeed, traditional medicine often can’t identify a physiological cause for the pain people are experiencing. Even if the individual has a medically diagnosed condition, there are always energetic contributors that, when addressed, can often provide pain relief.

The subtle energetic contributors to pain

In the wholistic approach, there are several underlying causes of pain. The first is trauma stored in the physical, and concurrently, in the subtle physical bodies. The second cause results some form of physical or subtle physical congestion. The third is some form of blockage to the flow of vital life sustaining energy in the area of pain. The area is simply starved for vital life force and is therefore physically deteriorating.


For instance, arthritis, gall stones and kidney stones are all a form of physical congestion of some substance in the body. However, the concretion of these physical substances always has an additional subtle physical component. In the case of gall stones, the gall bladder is an organ which holds the emotion of rage. When this toxic emotional energy proliferates within the organ, the physical body itself concretes bile (a normally liquid substance) into formation as a stone which can settle into the primary bile duct causing an acute gall bladder attack.

The traditional medical course for immediate treatment of this acute condition is to remove the gall bladder. Some people comment that after removal they feel less angry and enraged as the trapped emotions (and the associated organ) have been excised from the body – they may feel more emotionally at peace and balanced. When the physical container is removed, so are some of the associated emotional toxins and substance. In essence, the individual has literally concreted their own rage until the physical body rebels. This can occur whether the individual recognizes the stored rage or not. People often tend to stuff their rage and anger for social acceptability. Guess where they stuff it? Have you ever heard the expression “boy, that really galls me?”


The wholistic approach can look something like this: A practitioner experienced in specialized kinesiology asks the body what is causing pain in the area of the gall bladder. The body can also be scanned to determine the area of difficulty. It is determined, often in advance of an acute condition, that there are gall stones developing and that if not addressed immediately, may result in an acute attack. The practitioner then may recommend a gall bladder cleanse or some other protocol to dissolve the gall stones at the physical level. If need be, the practitioner will refer the person to a specialist in herbal or alternative body cleansing. These cleanses are very effective and the individual can witness the gall stones pass from their body which gives tangible evidence of the benefit.

A sharp practitioner will also be aware of the emotional constituent of rage and anger and will have the tools to assist the individual in clearing this emotional congestion. They understand that if this trapped emotional energy is not addressed, the individual will just re-create the same experience over again. Dealing with and getting this emotional congestion out of the physical and subtle physical substance of the body is learned in the Level 1 public training course in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Clearing Emotional Issues and Beyond.

Obviously, alternative healers need these techniques to address and resolve emotional issues and trauma for they are always a major constituent in disease states and pain in the body. In fact much of the physical pain that people experience is actually emotional pain that has become concreted in the physical body. The pain often tends to precede the severe physical congestive states that become acute. The body is already letting the individual know that there are emotional issues that need to be addressed, but only knowledge and training remedy the problem. The aim of the PVH™ work is to locate and resolve core level issues, and to utilize techniques to lessen or completely alleviate pain and energetic contributors to disease states.

Concreted emotional issues also block the flow of vital life force

These emotional issues stored in the subtle and physical bodies also interfere with the ability to absorb, utilize and channel vital life force energy and other sustaining energies throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Their concretion casts a “shadow” in the emotional body, blocking even subtler forms of sustaining energy from flowing into the Chakras, meridians and denser etheric and physical bodies. These blockages therefore contribute to pain and dysfunction in the more physical bodies due to “energy starvation” and its resultant physical deterioration. There are many other forms of subtle physical blockages that aren’t primarily emotional and PVH™ has techniques to clear all forms that can be identified.

Primary Meridians

In fact, blockages in the primary meridians of the body can often cause inexplicable pain and dysfunction in their associated areas and organs of the body. This is the entire basis for the oriental medical arts of acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu. All of these vital meridians can be opened and balanced using the PVH™ Code and clearing technology. The opening of these primary meridians is for the most part permanent. However they may need to be rechecked following a severe traumatic event. These meridian clearings are also facilitated for participants in the First Group Appointment. Meridian clearings can also be done by a Level 1 Advanced Practitioner.

Residual trauma in the body also contributes to pain

Residual trauma and patterns of trauma in the body from accident, injury, emotional trauma and abuse, and surgery can also be the source of much pain. This stored shock, panic and trauma from the event/s one has experienced alters and re-patterns the morphogenetic field of the body and consciousness, therefore altering the flow, amount and direction of vital energies. This morphogenetic field, being the template for the etheric and physical body, can be warped in a localized area of trauma causing aberrant construction and division of the cellular level of the body. Whenever an area of the body is blocked to the flow of these vital energies, the body can register pain in the corresponding area due to this distortion. It’s like kinking up a garden hose, eventually there is going to be a blow out. The site of this energetic “blow out,” where the natural channels of flow are breached, is often the source of pain and dysfunction.

The body can even register shock, panic and trauma from beneficial medical diagnostic procedures even if surgical intervention never takes place. This is actually quite common with gynecological procedures in particular.

Residual shock, panic, trauma and emotional trauma from any event can be quickly cleared from the physical and subtle physical bodies, often providing relief of pain and accelerated healing at the physical level. These clearings of residual shock, panic, and trauma can be facilitated by a Level 1 Advanced Practitioner.

Pain can also come from higher dimensional sources of interference

Physical pain can also be the result of higher dimensional and spiritual sources of interference. There are numerous forms of higher dimensional energies and influences that can become attached or enmeshed into the physical and subtle bodies of individuals. These tend to block vital energies and due to the fact that they are not of our same and resonating dimensional substance, they can cause conflict with our own physical substance and therefore induce pain. Location of the pain is most commonly in the head, neck, shoulders, and back but can also be anywhere else in the body. This situation is quite common and requires the abilities of a Level 4 Advanced Practitioner to sufficiently clear it.

Dozens of other energetic contributors can be a potential cause of physical pain in the body, as well as emotional pain. The techniques to resolve these and other causative contributors are the subjects of training in the PVH™ clearing technology. If you are interested in the healing arts, we hope to see you there.

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