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How Energetic Healing Addresses a Disease State

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According to fundamentals of the energetic healing arts, the cause of most forms of malady of the human condition can be distilled down to just a few primary causative agents:

1. A disconnection or blockage to receiving energy in all of its appropriate forms and frequencies from the Creator of All That Is and His/Her reservoir of infinite abundance, the Creative Ethers surrounding every particle, subtle or physical, throughout all of Creation.

2. Localized blockages or discordant organization within the human subtle anatomy blocking or distorting the flow of energy and vital life force to every organ and system of the human body. This sometimes occurs as a result of physical and emotional trauma.

3. An inability for the body and energy field to retain and utilize these vital life force energies as a sovereign system. (The source may be a leak or drain in the subtle energy systems of the bodies – again, there may by numerous potential causes)

4. An inability to take full responsibility for and be fully empowered over one’s body, mind, and energy field complex, including the thinking processes.

5. Some form of outside interference exerting its own form of control or influence over one’s life, experience, activity or bodily control.

6. Accumulations of toxins and congestive substances in the physical and subtle bodies and any blockage in the natural detoxification processes that properly dispose of these toxins and agents. (much assisted by bodily detoxification programs targeted to the areas of congestion and substances therein).

7. In more rare instances genetics may play a role in disease states. But even if one has a genetic predisposition to a disease state, what is the cause of its physical manifestation in the body? Energetic healing would maintain that there is an underlying energetic imbalance that may contribute to the activation of the disease state.

The training and work we do in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ recognizes these as the primary causes of dis-ease. Item number 6 in the above list generally requires some form of cleansing protocol. Protocols to detoxify congestive substances and toxins can be done either individually (with knowledge) or with the help of a qualified practitioner specializing in bodily detoxification.

Disease is most often caused by an energetic shortage

Vital Life Energy

We obtain only about 20% of the energy with which we function and maintain ourselves from the foods that we ingest. The other 80% comes from “On High,” and out of the Creative Ethers, the reservoir of the Creator’s Abundance. Is it any wonder that the most pristine of diets often fails to bring people to the healthy state they are seeking? They may still be missing some of the remaining 80% of energy they need to assure vital life. This other 80% resides in the subtle realms, beyond the physically apparent.

This is the realm most often unrecognized by the traditional medical community with their adherence to the principles of Newtonian Physics and the belief that the body is primarily a physical system of cells that are strictly governed by biochemical processes. Have you ever heard about Eastern Yogis and Mystics that can live perfectly well on little or even no food at all? They are living primarily off of light and the prana taken in through the breath. The other primary substance needed is pure living water which comprises over 80% of the physical body.

No system of healing is going to be fully effective while ignoring this other 80%, our God Given Inheritance, available to us from “On High” with our every living breath. It just can’t be! This is the aim of the “subtle energetic” healing arts in their highest form, to assist one in claiming this other 80% of their inheritance.


The physical body is basically a condensation of even subtler forms of matter that are often termed the “subtle energy bodies.” In Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ we call these the subtle physical bodies. The nature of this more rarified matter is to solidify into denser levels of physical substance. The energetic template for this coming manifestation is governed by these subtle physical bodies. In other words, what we are about to become at the physical level has already “become” manifest in these subtler bodies of matter, often called the human energy field. In this way, our own thoughts, emotions and feelings manifest our physical body. While this is “known” by many energetic healers, the mechanism of manifestation is often misunderstood. They are not working in a “subtle energy field.” They should in fact be altering, molding and transmuting states of subtle physical matter. This basic flaw in understanding is what makes many “energetic” healers less effective than they would like to be. What they perceive as subtle energy is actually subtle matter in its various gradations of physical density.

The true aim of energetic healing is the correction of aberrance in this subtle (becoming) matter and assuring that it can obtain and utilize all of the vital energy that it needs to manifest a more perfected state. When this aberrance is resolved, the subtle bodies become a more perfected template for manifestation of the denser physical body. This then results in the healing of the human condition.

When a disease state has manifested in the physical, it may have taken many years to condense from the subtle physical realms. This means that even when the subtle physical imbalances are resolved it may still take some time for the dense physical body to assume the new patterning that results in a healthier state. While we have seen thousands of instances of “spontaneous remission,” this is not always the case. Often the energetic patterns of disease require a period of time to “unwind” or reverse their process of degradation. In the case of potentially terminal illness, the cellular level of the body may have become degraded to the point where the person simply does not have the time remaining for this “unwinding” process to take place. For this reason, it is most advantageous for us to address the subtle physical constituents of potential disease states before they manifest. The underlying “subtle physical” imbalances that may contribute to a disease state manifesting in one’s future, can often be identified and cleared in advance so that physical manifestation is halted or reversed. The best approach to healing is to take steps toward prevention prior to manifestation.

Many of us have been taught that “thoughts are things.” Indeed they are and they are comprised of literal physical matter, as are emotions, feelings and ethers. When this is understood, the healer begins to discover that what he or she is in fact doing is molding, shaping, transmuting and altering the properties of actual physical matter. What the healer actually becomes is a Mental and Spiritual Alchemist, altering states of matter and energy through the use of the mind and other multi-dimensional tools. Yes, alchemy is not just a myth, it’s real. And indeed, this is the very same alchemical process that we all are experiencing in our becoming physical. The physical and subtle bodies are actually an alchemical laboratory. You didn’t know that you were participating in such amazing activity, did you?

If you want to know more about these concepts, you might consider searching for the term “biological transmutation” on a good internet search engine and uncover some of the latest discoveries in quantum physics and bio-photonic research. We also invite you to explore the links and other resources available on this site. You see, this relatively new field of quantum physics used to be called metaphysics, and it is now validating almost every tenet and universal law that has been taught in sacred mystery schools for thousands of years! The recent film “What the bleep do we know?” does a good job of explaining some of these recent discoveries in quantum physics in lay terms. We are beginning to realize how these “rediscovered” principles of quantum physics impact our reality and creational process. We can’t blame ourselves for not being aware of this knowledge for it has mostly been withheld from us until recently. In addition, how many of us have studied our quantum physics lately?

One has to seek higher levels of knowledge and awareness in order to find it. Seeking your own personal healing and evolution requires some time and energy but the results are incredibly rewarding. Gaining this higher level of knowledge, awareness and healing causes one to “know thyself” and fosters a leap in one’s consciousness as it expands on multi-dimensional levels.

These higher levels of knowledge and awareness are now available and distilled down to their essence in the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ training workshops and events. What once may have taken decades to discover is now presented in a succinct and down to earth manner that gets to the heart of healing ourselves and helps us to create what we desire.

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