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Energetic Contributors to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS), and fibromyalgia are relatively new diagnosed disease states that were virtually unknown forty years ago. These conditions seem to be affecting more of the population daily as though they are newly evolving diseases. There is potential that both of these disease states may simply have been mis-diagnosed in the past, or were diagnosed as another similar disease state until symptoms were charted for appropriate diagnosis. Fibromyalgia, which primarily affects the muscles and joints of the body, may have been previously diagnosed as bursitis or arthritis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may have been diagnosed as anemia or vitamin and mineral deficiency.

At the physical level, we have since discovered and medical science has documented the potential part that mycoplasma may play in both of these conditions. Chronic Fatigue is almost always marked by candida, (severe fungal overgrowth) and digestive disorders in addition to imbalances of the acid-alkaline balance of the body. There may be a host of other contributors at the physical level as these disease states are extremely complex.

Disease States

Our research into these disease states indicates that they always have major contributing factors at the energetic level. While the energetic causes for both of these disease states are not the same, they are very similar in their end result.

Both of these diseases at their energetic foundation are marked by severe blockages in the ability of the body and field complex to process vital life force, prana and Spiritual light.

Many of these underlying energetic causes are addressed in the First Group Appointment.

These energetic imbalances appear to be rampant in the general population more recently. The conditions of fatigue and muscle and joint pain are on the increase. Actually, I think that more people are in the process of developing these energetic imbalances as a result of an inability to receive and process energy from out of the Creative Ethers. Approximately eighty percent of the procedures which are accomplished in the First Group Appointment are directed at correcting the energetic imbalances that we have discovered to be common in people experiencing symptoms of these disease conditions.

In the case of fibromyalgia our research indicates that the body and energy field are blocked in their ability to absorb energy and life force from the Creative Ethers and Higher Spiritual Sources. The physical body is simply starved for the energy that it requires to remain in a healthy state. In fact, we have found a common imbalance where the person’s energy field literally repels beneficial energies from the body and field. Even though the First Group Appointment does not address every energetic imbalance that can contribute to fibromyalgia, it does offer many. We have heard from many dozens of people who have experienced significant, if not complete relief from their symptoms following the appointment.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a much more complex condition. In this disease state our research indicates that, at an energetic level, vital life force is literally being pulled from the body/mind/field complex. Many of these energetic causes are also addressed by the First Group Appointment. After all, the primary purpose of the First Group Appointment is to open the body and energy field so that it may receive and utilize optimal levels of life force energy and assure that the body can retain and utilize this energy.

Water Fall

There are, however, additional physical problems with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that may still need to be addressed at the physical level. Our research maintains that some of these physical imbalances are simply the result of extensive degradation of energetic faculties over a long period of time. This energetic malfunction then creates a favorable environment for other opportunistic physical problems to generate.

One of the common physical contributors to this disease state is systemic candidiasis, or candida. This is a condition of fungal over-growth where candida has migrated from the digestive system (where it normally resides) into other organs and systems of the body, potentially including the blood which transports it to other organs and functions of the body. Ultimately, the most common cause of this overgrowth of yeast in the physical body is the overuse of antibiotic drugs which kill beneficial flora (bacteria) in the digestive system. These beneficial digestive bacteria are what normally keep candida overgrowth in check. Without these beneficial bacteria, candida tends to explode throughout the body and go systemic through the blood- stream. Therefore, a very important augmenting treatment would be a program to relieve systemic candida infection and re-establish abundant digestive flora.

Due to the energetic weakening of the body and energy field, a person experiencing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also more open to an opportunistic viral infection by the Epstein-Barr virus. This, again, is a secondary physical problem that will require a treatment protocol. Homeopathic remedies or radionic treatment may prove useful in addressing this viral infection. There may be other cleansing protocols necessary to address this condition, and one may receive additional assistance from a physician, naturopath, homeopath, herbalist or nutritionist to augment energetic clearing protocols.

Diagonal Sand

We have also noticed that the onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often preceded by a severe trauma, especially emotional trauma such as loss of a loved one. Long standing abusive conditions and especially childhood abuse can also initiate the disease state. It appears that as a result of this trauma or abuse, many energetic faculties of the subtle and physical bodies shut down or a disruption in their coordination occurs. The resultant continuous stress to the individual then creates a severe compromise to the immune system and associated glands of the body. The endocrine system is directly associated with the chakras and meridians of the body causing further complications and poor coordination between energetic and physical levels. This deep seated trauma, which has literally become integrated into the physical (cellular) level of the body, needs to be addressed and cleared for significant healing to proceed on all levels. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a consummate example of how emotional trauma and processes contribute to physical disease states.

You may also notice that it is most often women that are affected by these disease states. This is because females are in much closer touch with and deeply affected by their emotions. They are therefore more susceptible to trauma at emotional levels. Their bodies and energy fields are more severely impacted by emotional issues than are men for the most part. Exceptions to this are more sensitive types of men that have more effectively integrated their feminine nature.

There is tremendous hope and healing available to individuals experiencing these disease states through energetic and vibrational healing modalities used in concert with nutritional and cleansing protocols.

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