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Have you ever felt like you were on metaphysical overload? Only a few years ago, the entire "occult" section of the bookstore could be found on a single shelf. Now there are entire bookstores dedicated to "New Age" subjects. Pick up a local holistic journal and read about the myriad activities that comprise alternative healing practices. You might want to try acupressure or maybe Craniosacral therapy. If that doesn't interest you, you could always get your chakras balanced or have a past life regression. Or maybe you should try homeopathy? Or Qigong? Or maybe you should get Polarity Therapy or a Reiki Session? Gem therapy? Color therapy? So many choices, so little time . . . and money. What is an open-minded light seeker to do? You want to find healing, but you don't want to be a fool. But you also don't want to miss out on a good thing. So you read, read, and read some more.


It doesn't take a lot of reading to discover that all healing is spiritual healing. It doesn't matter whether you've taken an aspirin, had a massage, or undergone surgery. A tumor can be removed with a scalpel or dissolved by high frequency vibrations. Essentially what happens is that adjustments occur in the body/mind/field complex that reduce the amount of dis-ease you are experiencing and increase the amount of life force energy that flows through your system. That's what healing is all about: eliminating blockages to the flow of vital life force energy. It's really the differences in healing modalities that challenge your discernment. Some techniques take more time, some cost more money, some are more invasive, and some are more long lasting. Some address the cause of the problem and some only focus on the effects. Ideally, a person seeking healing wants the best of all these things, and that's where knowledge comes in. How do you choose the best modality for you? That is an important question to ask because your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health depends on finding the right answer.

It is actually quite interesting to note that all of these modalities operate with the same underlying principle, a principle both new and ancient. It's a principle that can be found in extremely old manuscripts, proven in physics laboratories, and even measured by our modern technological equipment. Healing is based on the cosmic law that everything vibrates; everything has a frequency. Most people know this is true about radio waves and about sound. But it is also true about every single object that has been identified in this universe and many things that have not. Even the smallest part of an atom vibrates at a certain frequency. So does a rock, a plant, a planet, a star. So do your thoughts, your words, and your feelings. Everything! Even the God force itself.


The God force at its source, however, vibrates at a frequency so high that nothing but perfection can exist in its presence. That's not quite so in our third dimension. The Creator made us in His own image and granted us free will to live as we see fit. Our "fall" was a fall in frequency. In the beginning was the Word, and the word became more and more dense until we found ourselves in this third dimension, and, while here, our own thoughts now lead to our own creations. It's how we learn and grow. But these thoughts no longer vibrate at the level of perfection, a fact that is reflected in the world around us. And that is where dis-ease comes from. Our own misguided thoughts become manifest in the flesh. We become ill because we have forgotten who we are and where we have come from. We think limiting thoughts that create limiting realities. We feel helpless and allow ourselves to be harmed by negative situations. And, with the proverbial ruby slippers on our feet, we think we need to seek outside assistance to get home.

This outside assistance can help us. It really can! We receive treatments that relieve our symptoms. . .for awhile. Drugs alleviate pain, surgeons excise tumors, psychotherapists help us to identify negative life patterns. The problem is that much of the healing we seek focuses on effects and works backwards. And if the healing doesn't focus on our reconnecting with our own power source, your own connection with a loving Creator, then it isn't as effective or as long lasting as it has the potential to be. The best healing must, at its essence, dissolve and remove blockages that exist in our body-mind field complex to open up our own connection to the Divine Source. It is a healing from within, a reclaiming of our inheritance. It is the prodigal child returning home. Because once you are reconnected with the Source of all good and are able to receive and accept it, so many wonderful possibilities become available. Who wouldn't want that kind of healing? Who wants to bumble around in the dark when the light switch is close at hand? And we have all been taught, regardless of our background, that the best solutions lie within.

One solution that many people are discovering is seeking the assistance of a vibrational or frequency healer. Frequency or subtle energy healers work in harmony with cosmic law. One law, the law of mentalism, states that everything that has been created, has been created mentally. Creation, by God or human, is accomplished mentally. A second law is the law of vibration; the idea that all is in a state of vibration; a constant state of motion. Therefore, the vibrational healer uses his mental capacity as a channel for divine frequencies, and uses the powerful vibrations at his disposal in one of two ways. One use of vibrational healing is to broadcast frequencies to clear blockages in the subtle and physical bodies and the mind and energy field complex. Not just in the physical body that your doctor examines, but the entire body-mind-field, visible and invisible, that makes up a human being. western_sky This includes the physical, etheric, emotional, astral, causal, and even spiritual bodies. These blockages might be found in chakras, meridians, nadis, pranic centers and the central channel. Even more important, the frequencies transcend time and space. Vibrational healing can remove blockages that have been caused by numerous and traumatic past life experiences that have occurred on this and other planes. Indeed, healing dis¬ease encountered in this life alone would only account for a small percentage of the debt we have accrued and carry with us daily. Another function of vibrational healing is to integrate missing frequencies into the body-mind-field complex which are necessary. This opens a channel within the person to receive healing frequencies that were previously unavailable to him. It's just like a radio station that transmits programming into the air space, but the person doesn't own a radio. The signals are there; he just isn't able to receive them. Once the channels are open and you have access to the pure, unadulterated cosmic God Light (in other words-Divine Energy), then greater possibilities present themselves. Becoming attuned to cosmic energy is, in essence, accepting your Divine inheritance; it is consciousness expanding. It is the spiritual alchemy of changing your human mis-creations back into divine gold.


One advantage to frequency healing is the large scale in which the healing occurs. It gets to the root of a person's disharmony, clearing out self-defeatist attitudes, emotions, and belief structures by the trillions. It leads to the resolution of core issues and the elimination of chronic blockages, karmic burdens, and past life problems. It leads to the severing of negative energy bonds, the clearing of discarnate energies, and the retrieval of soul fragments. It is gentle and non-invasive and the recipient leaves with enhanced feelings of peace, well being, and self esteem. A person can utilize this divine energy for their own health, for their own balance and harmony, or for assisting others in their own healing. It goes so much deeper than the removal of a tumor or the use of drugs to control symptoms. It is a healing from the inside-out.

Ultimately, we all need to decide for ourselves when or if we will seek healing and if so, what kind. If you are curious to know more about vibrational and frequency healing, you can contact teacher, spiritual frequency healer and subtle energetic researcher, Fred Payne. He has worked for more than thirty years in the field of metaphysics and subtle energy research. Through his research and with the guidance of Spirit, he has developed more that 5000 healing modalities for clearing discordant energies and blockages from the subtle energy field of the body and environment. In addition, he is also an intuitive channel who is adept at spiritual dowsing and the creator of Transformational Bliss? Essences and Elixirs.

Fred believes that our top priority is to raise our baseline vibratory frequency in this age of great change. In order to facilitate this, Fred has developed Phoenix Vibrational Healing™, a comprehensive course of study in the vibrational and energetic healing arts, in order to share his knowledge of subtle energy healing with others.

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