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Energy Accelerations on the Planet
How do we facilitate our own accelerating evolution?

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The Earth and its atmosphere, like everything else, are vibrating as a living being. This wonderful planet is a macrocosm of our own physical and subtle bodies with its own Chakras, meridians, an auric field and subtle physical bodies corresponding to our own etheric, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies. We conscious humans are an interface between the cosmic or heavenly realms and the Earth. We are constantly modulating frequencies, vibrations and consciousness affecting the Earth and vice versa. Vibrationally, we are in a symbiotic relationship of sympathetic resonance with the Earth and everything upon it. Therefore its frequency affects us all.

Due to various cosmic alignments and extra-planetary energies and radiations, the Earth is rising rapidly in its frequency. This cannot help but impact us and all living beings upon its surface. Through the principle of sympathetic resonance, we rise in frequency along with the planet. In part, this resonance occurs at atomic and elemental levels as our body is comprised of the elements (dust) of the Earth itself.

This rise in our own frequency can accelerate healing processes in the physical body, often resulting in periods of spontaneous detoxification. PVH™ Advanced Practitioners can assist their clients in remaining grounded and balanced while making this vibrational shift upward.

How does sympathetic resonance work?

An example of sympathetic resonance can be exemplified by the use of tuning forks. It’s only necessary to use 2 tuning forks that will produce the same musical note that are one musical octave apart (for instance middle C and high C). After striking the middle C tuning fork and bringing it into close proximity to the other tuning fork of high C, a state of resonance will occur setting the high C tuning fork into a vibratory state of its own frequency. Through the principle of physics of sympathetic vibration, the second tuning fork will be set into motion by the transference of motion through the air (the physical/etheric medium). This same principle can apply to any subtle or physical substance when their vibratory rates are in sympathetic resonance including feelings, emotions, and thoughts. This also explains the mechanism whereby we “mirror for one another” our issues and emotional states.

Cosmic Ray Burst

The Earth is experiencing tremendous energy accelerations that have gradually become more pronounced since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and are now building to a near crescendo. Through this principle of sympathetic resonance, the human body and energy field are also increasing in frequency, some at greater rates and others at slower, but still increasing. As this increase in frequency occurs, lower and slower density matter, emotions, feelings and substance within the body and energy field become more incompatible with our new overall higher vibratory state. The first areas to up-level are the Spiritual and subtle bodies. Of course the last to shift is the dense physical body even though it’s becoming less dense with each passing day.

As our frequency rises we can experience spontaneous detoxification

Sometimes our physical bodies will experience spontaneous periods of detoxification as a result of this increasing vibrational rate. We may experience loose bowels, headaches, nausea and gastrointestinal upset, pain in any area of the body, feeling ungrounded, mental fogginess, fatigue, dizziness, and a host of other physical symptoms.

This spontaneous detoxification also intensifies our feelings and emotions and we may feel a lack of emotional or psychological stability. Discordant emotions and emotional trauma stored in the physical body are denser in their nature and are becoming incompatible with our new higher vibratory state. This may set the stage for highly emotional days or encounters that seem to be blown out of proportion to the events being experienced. People who are particularly sensitive seem to be accelerating at an even faster rate and are more readily experiencing these symptoms.

Hand Holding the Earth

Have you noticed that it seems more challenging lately to keep our relationships harmonious? This is especially the case with our spousal, intimate and family relationships. Through the principle of sympathetic resonance we are “mirroring” for one another some of our deepest unresolved emotional issues and insecurities. Our own physical bodies are encouraging us to resolve our longstanding emotional, ancestral and gender issues. By “stepping up to the plate” and addressing these issues we empower ourselves and our loved ones. The primary requisite for this core work is skill in communication and an attitude of unconditional love.

Since late 2004 many people are coming “on line” to large amounts of emotional and psychological trauma. This emotional trauma is not only from this lifetime, but it appears that we are also letting go of past life and ancestral trauma that has been stored in our physical bodies at the cellular level. It’s not that we feel particularly emotional when it arises, but it is still causing an imbalance that is difficult to explain with our rational mind. This process of creating our light bodies can be disconcerting to say the least.

Resolving and healing these issues causes us to vibrate at even higher overall rates and we become a greater channel for the Creator’s infinite Love, Light and Wisdom. In fact, it’s even possible to vibrate at such a high rate and pure state that one’s very presence in a space can lift up others and cause spontaneous healing to occur for those in our presence. Having tools to assist in transformational processing is a tremendous asset now.

We are literally developing and integrating our light bodies and these light bodies are less compatible with dross substance and emotions. We are transmuting at the cellular level of our bodies in order to channel and carry more light. We are experiencing the ongoing process of Spiritualizing our physical substance so that it comes into closer resonance with our light bodies.

DNA Molecule

Even the DNA of our physical body is mutating, organizing and evolving with this vibrational up-leveling. Did you know that one of the fastest ways to mutate DNA is through a virus? How many of us have experienced what looks like a virus over the past year or two? There is such a thing as beneficial DNA mutation which can enhance our immune system and foster higher functioning on multidimensional levels. This beneficial mutation can up-level functioning of our Chakras and subtle bodies and allow us to better cope with higher vibratory states. Perhaps not all bouts with a virus need to be looked upon as a negative experience.

How do I cope with Transformational Processing?

There are many healing, clearing and rebalancing techniques that can help to ease our way through this metamorphic process. Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Advanced Practitioners have more goodies in their tool bag to address this transformational processing than one can hardly imagine. In fact, this is a specific area of focus in our training workshops and healing and clearing events. After all, what benefit is a transformational healing process if you can’t also assist your client in maintaining balance while they are shifting paradigms and becoming this new higher vibrational being.

Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ incorporates ascension technology and psychological and consciousness engineering to address these issues. Since everyone on the planet is going through this transformational processing, at greater or lesser rates, all healers should have tools to address the problems, symptoms and core issues that are arising as a result.

There are also many things that we can do individually that can assist us in maintaining balance as we experience this transformational up-leveling. We have included some methods of assistance here on our site which can help us all assume a higher level of responsibility for our personal healing and Spiritual growth. Thank you for being here.

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