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The publicly available workshops and events in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ relay extremely advanced techniques and clearing modalities in the vibrational and healing arts. From the very first workshop, and especially after participants complete the Second Level workshop, Subtle Energy and Vibrational Healing, they have gained enough powerful techniques to incorporate them into their existing practices or create a new practice. Nearly any issue a client may pose can be assisted by the techniques learned in these first 2 training workshops. A practitioner applying only these first two levels can achieve phenomenal results. Of course, there is also a Third Level of training and other workshops available.

Beyond that, an extensive Apprenticeship Program in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ has been developed where even more advanced levels of training are available. This Advanced Training is available by invitation only to those dedicated to the healing arts. Attendance and completion of the three primary levels of publicly available Training Workshops are necessary to be considered for the Apprenticeship Program. Additionally, as students apply the teachings of the first three public workshops, they are required to document healing and clearing processes which they perform on themselves and others. The First Group Appointment should also be attended, as this is the event where the Practitioner receives numerous Empowerments and attains the opening of their own Body/Mind/Energy Field to the very vital energies they will require to accomplish the work for others.

Healing Group

The Apprenticeship Program is designed specifically for those who wish to apply the healing arts. This extremely advanced training is not for, nor available to, everyone. The primary purpose of the entire Apprenticeship Program is to generate some of the finest energetic and vibrational healers on the planet. This requires commitment by the student to not only learn the material, but to apply it in their own life, for their own benefit and healing. The deepest levels of this work require that the healer not only know how to perform the work, but also that they address some of their own core issues to enhance their ability to assist others with this powerful healing technology.

This work is conducted in the morphogenetic field of the body and consciousness. As the Practitioner performs this work, they also receive a healing since there is no way to effectively separate the Practitioner from the healing frequencies being broadcast to the clientele. If a Practitioner assists a client in a clearing process, he/she will automatically participate in that same clearing. If they have already cleared these issues then there is no need to process along with their clients. It’s difficult to be an effective Practitioner if you are processing and detoxing right along with your clients. We, the developers, maintain the perspective that a healer that is not addressing his/her own issues will soon need a good healer themselves. You cannot put forth this level of energy and integrity unless you are willing to first receive it for yourself.

Group at Mountain Retreat

The Apprenticeship Program is offered as a five day concentrated training program, conducted at a scenic mountain resort location. The Program, at all levels, is an intensive experience of healing and learning in the wonder of nature. A close relationship with the developers and instructors is created, as well as with the other Practitioners. Attendees have often stated that this is one of the most transformative and fun experiences that they have ever had.

For several years now we have also offered a weekend Apprenticeship Practicum. During this weekend event, volunteer clients are assisted by the Practitioners. The volunteer’s case is assessed and the Practitioner benefits from supervised guidance. This weekend event also gives the Practitioners opportunities for their own healing and social time so that they can get to know and better understand the other unique talents and skills of their fellow Practitioners. There are also regular meetings and practice sessions held in some communities by the Practitioners that reside there.

We have highly dedicated students who knew nothing about the healing arts, that have completed Workshop Levels 1, 2 and 3, and Apprenticeship Levels 1 and 2, all within a period of one year, and have then set up their own private practices. Many others already have a thriving private practice and simply integrate the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ techniques into their work. These are extremely dedicated individuals with whom we are honored to be associated. Some Advanced Practitioners are listed and their contact information is available in the Practitioners section of this web site.

A partial listing of the advanced clearing techniques and modalities offered in Level 1 of the Apprenticeship Program are available here for your information. Each level of the Apprenticeship Program delves deeper into the healing arts by quantum levels. Extensive training manuals thoroughly explain techniques and give step by step procedures for the clearings. To function in these advanced areas requires an ability to embrace unique paradigms of reality often unconsidered by many. In every instance, the Practitioner is utterly transformed by virtue of this training and his/her own healing accomplishments. This is indeed a life and reality altering experience.

Fred with Apprentice

If you are interested in participating in the Apprenticeship Program, you need to know that it is best to attend and participate in as many events and workshops as possible. Every event, including evenings of clearing, contains healing and clearing processes as well as educational information in the form of mini-workshops. Much of this information and knowledge is not necessarily repeated in the training workshops, for the amount of material to draw from is vast. If you attend an event with Fred, and later attend it again, you will never hear exactly the same information delivered. Each event is a unique learning and healing opportunity tailored to the individuals attending.

In general, there is a primary focus for each of the Apprenticeship Program Levels. Level 1 focuses primarily on attunements to and the usage of Sacred Healing Code and Symbol Technology. Level 2 focuses on the Arts of Mental and Spiritual Alchemy. Level 3 of the Program focuses on Frequency Healing and the Art of Mental Radionics. These are general descriptions that we hope may provide you with some understanding of the depth of training available.

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