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While many areas of the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ website contain advanced information and resources in regards to the healing arts, this area in particular may be of benefit to those already familiar with energetic healing in one or more forms. While this section could literally continue until it comprises many books – which indeed it does with the Apprenticeship Program Manuals – our primary purpose here is to give a short glimpse into the depth of this unique work.

As far as we are aware, most of this information is currently not in print and we are pleased to be the first to bring you a brief overview for your enlightenment. We will discuss a number of subjects in regards to the healing arts. Please understand that some of this material may challenge widely accepted “knowledge” in the field and it may present a shift in one’s current paradigm of reality. We at Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ consider this a good thing if this new knowledge serves us and obtains results. After all, that is what we are seeking, is it not? If, on the other hand, this information challenges ideas, knowledge and concepts that you hold sacred, we ask that you consider it with an open mind. If nothing else, perhaps we have planted a seed that may prove useful in the future. It is our hope that this information will have a ring of truth for you. It may sound very logical and possibly familiar, for you may have previously gained some of this knowledge in one of your sojourns in a sacred mystery school. If this is the case, we would like to meet you and become acquainted once again!

Of course, the object of the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ training is to impart deeper levels of the knowledge we are about to share and give the practitioner definitive resources to resolve everything you are going to read about here and much more. In fact, what we are sharing now is only the tip of a huge embodiment of knowledge and training that is available. Be assured that there are rapid solutions to all that we shall discuss – it just takes specific knowledge and training. Furthermore, all of the items we will discuss are accomplished in The First Group Appointment along with many other clearings. Thank you for being here and we look forward to meeting you in a PVH™ Event soon.

Brain Disconnection

Brain Disconnection

In addition to the normal neurological-physiological connections of the brain to the central nervous system and all areas and organs of the body, there is an additional subtle energetic component that is unaccounted for by traditional physiology. At subtle energetic levels, the brain also communicates with the body through subtle physical and energetic faculties. Dysfunction of these subtle faculties and their energetic pathways causes a failure in communication by and between the brain and areas/ organs of the physical body. An analogy would be where the brain, represented by the hard drive of a computer, is disconnected from the documents and files on the computer and is incapable of accessing and controlling functions and contents of the documents.

In essence, there is a breakdown in communication, where the brain is unaware of a discordant process occurring in an organ function or area of the body and is unable to orchestrate corrective measures to reestablish balance and harmony. Even though no nervous system disruption may be identified, this lack of two way energetic communication can allow disease and dysfunction to occur unbeknownst to the brain. If the brain were aware of this dysfunction, it would immediately initiate measures to correct the imbalance. The human body is essentially self-regulating and self-correcting were it not for energetic malfunctions such as this. The body constantly monitors and strives for balance and homeostasis to maintain a state of health. Dis-ease occurs when it is unable to do so and energetic communication plays a large role in this functioning.

For instance, if the brain were aware that an aberrant process was occurring in the body, such as the growth of a tumor, it would immediately take action. Among other things it would send forth communication to all of the endocrine glands of the body and instruct them to secrete the appropriate hormones - amongst them laetrile and interferon (2 anti-cancer compounds) to go to the site of the cancer and kill the tumor. Under normal conditions, the brain would accelerate the body’s entire immune system in order to defend itself from this invader. The drugs produced by our own immune system and its endocrine glands are the most powerful and effective drugs in existence. Furthermore they are all natural and harmonious with the functioning of the body. This self-intelligent regulatory system is short circuited without the vital element of communication between the brain and the physical body.

Medical science tells us that we all have cancer in our bodies. Why then, does it remain harmless to many of us while others manifest the full blown disease state? Our research indicates that this breakdown in communication is one very probable contributor. Other contributors are discussed throughout this site.

In cases of diabetes that we have investigated, we have often found that the brain is disconnected from and unable to fully communicate with the pancreas and islets of Langerhans. In this instance the pancreas fails to properly recognize sugars and therefore fails to appropriately respond when sugars are introduced. Most often, whatever the disease state, the affected organs and systems and their imbalances remain undetected by the innate intelligence of the brain.


While there are a number of other causes for a breakdown in communication by and between organs and systems of the body, this brain disconnection is the most prevalent.

In some instances, when the reconnection process is accomplished, particularly sensitive people have commented that they “see” small flashes of lightening or electrical discharges taking place within the brain.

We at Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ simply call this reconnection process a “Brain Hook-up.” In addition to being provided in The First Group Appointment, a Level 1 Advanced Practitioner can accomplish this procedure.

The 4 Primary Sustaining Energy Systems of the Body

Our research in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ recognizes and addresses four primary energetic systems of the physical and subtle bodies. One of these systems is, of course, the well known system of Chakras and their corresponding meridians. These are standard knowledge and have been charted in Eastern medical traditions for centuries. This system brings Chi or Vital Life Force Energy into the body and then channels this energy to every organ and function of the body. The meridians have been charted and are named after the primary bodily organs with which they are associated. This information has been extensively researched and is utilized in the Eastern Arts of Acupuncture/Acupressure and Shiatsu. Our research indicates that this is only one network of energy distribution within the physical and subtle bodies- the other three being mostly unknown and uncharted in the existing literature.


Some of the Chakras of the body serve multiple functions and are entry points for more than one quality of sustaining energy. While some literature states that prana is synonymous with Chi, Vital Life Force Energy and several other terms such as orgone, od, odic force, etc., our research indicates that this is not the case. The Pranic system of the body is an entire energetic network with its own centers of entry and meridians of distribution within the physical and subtle bodies. This Pranic system comprises the second primary sustaining energetic system of the body. The Pranic system is just as necessary to maintain health and balance as the Chi system of the body and likewise is also subject to blockages and imbalance. Since Prana is also obtained from the air and through the breath, the lungs and lung Chakras play an important role in obtaining this energy.

In addition to these two energetic systems of the body there are two others complete with their centers of entry and meridians. The third system channels and distributes Spiritual Light throughout the body. The fourth is the system of Fire Vitality. The four systems also equate to the four primary “elements” of the ancients; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. This is different from the 5 element theory in common usage relating to the primary Chi energy system of Chakras and meridians known in Acupuncture. They are four entirely discrete energetic systems making available four distinct qualities and vibrational strata of energy. These systems also apply to the animal kingdom and no doubt the Earth itself, as it is a living entity. The Chi energetic system of the Earth has already been identified and its planetary Chakras and meridians (ley lines) have been charted. As above, so below - As below, so above.

Each discrete system described above can have what we call chronic blockages. This is the level to which a Chakra or meridian is chronically blocked to receiving and distributing Chi, Prana, Spiritual Light and Fire Vitality.

In the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ training programs, a 2nd Level workshop attendee can open the primary Chi Chakras, Pranic Energy Centers, all organ function Chakras and the central channel of the body. A Level 1 Advanced Practitioner can open all of the centers (Chakras) and meridians for the first three systems described above. A Level 2 Advanced Practitioner can open the faculties of all four systems and remove the chronic blockages within them. Of course all of this clearing and opening is also provided by those attending The First Group Appointment.

The Bodies of Consciousness

In addition to the subtle physical bodies commonly known as the Etheric, Emotional/Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies, there is also a series of bodies of consciousness. These bodies of consciousness are composed of consciousness rather than subtle physical matter. Each body of consciousness is further comprised of 13 levels representing qualities of consciousness. Both the bodies themselves and their constituent levels can be partially blocked. This not only denotes a potential blockage in some aspect of consciousness but also can occur as a blockage of the body itself. As we expand our consciousness we can gain additional bodies of consciousness to facilitate these enhanced levels of consciousness and awareness.

BodiesThese bodies of consciousness can be graphically depicted as shells within shells around the physical body similar to the layers of an onion. Partial or complete blockage of one of these bodies of consciousness tends to result in a blockage to the reception of vital energies, information, vibrations and sustaining frequencies available from “On High” and from the Creative Ethers. Conversely, a partial or complete blockage of one of these bodies of consciousness tends to serve as a barrier to the releasement of discord, including discordant emotional energy and charge, making it difficult to “let go of” issues and discordant energy affecting us. In fact, this is one of the major causes of “circuitous processing” whereby a person seems unable to let go of or come to closure in regards to an upset or trauma and keeps replaying issues in their mind, emotions and consciousness. This also makes it difficult to accomplish the clearing of etheric toxins from the Body/Mind/Field complex, further creating the feeling that one is “stewing in their stuff.”

Blockages to these bodies of consciousness and their constituent levels can be accomplished by a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner or the First Group Appointment.

About Organ Function Chakras

OrgansWhile organs of the physical body are partially supplied Chi energy by the primary seven Chakras known in extant literature, our techniques in Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ also address individual organ function Chakras. Every organ of the physical body has one or more organ function Chakras. It’s possible for the primary (one of the seven) Chakras associated with the organ to be fully open and functioning but still have chronically blocked individual organ function Chakra/s. This results in a diminishment in the amount of Chi energy and Prana to that organ required for optimal functioning. In most instances, when a problem or disease state is affiliated with an organ, system or joint of the body, these organ function Chakras are blocked and inoperable. In the case of injury to a joint for instance, a blockage in its corresponding Chakra/s (which may result from the injury itself) also tends to lock or bind the trauma in the joint which may contribute to continued pain and can slow the recovery process.

In the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ Level 2 Training Workshop the practitioner is attuned to and instructed in the use of a series of Sacred Geometric Healing Codes and Symbols which can fully open these organ function Chakras and remove the chronic blockages contained within them. The residual shock and trauma can also be cleared from a site of injury using an additional procedure and integrated Code Program which can often provide tremendous relief and accelerate recovery.

Most of the techniques accomplished in the Phoenix Vibrational Healing™ system are permanent and only need to be done once. An exception to this is in cases of severe trauma, injury or surgery that may occur in the future. This can also include severe emotional trauma.

Some of the blockages that we have discussed here can originate from long-standing issues, even extending from birth or infancy. We long ago discovered that deficiencies in energetic faculties and functioning can often be handed down from the mother to her child. It is basically the energetic templates of the mother that pattern those of the developing fetus and we have seen a history of children reflecting the same energetic insufficiencies as the mother.

PregnantAmong the first systems developed in the fetus are the Chakras and meridian systems of the body. The meridians become the energetic templates for development of the circulatory and nervous systems at the physical level and guide their construction throughout fetal development in addition to the DNA component. This obviously means that the opening of these energetic faculties and systems are highly recommended for the mother prior to conception. Of course, if this isn’t possible, these clearings are still available after the birth of the child. In addition there are a host of other clearings that can be accomplished for the infant that can promote enhanced levels of development including learning abilities and potential.

Other areas of this site including the Articles, First Group Appointment information and How Does PVH™ Work contain additional information of an advanced nature in the healing arts. You might also want to see the information pertaining to the Apprenticeship Program for Advanced Practitioners. Please explore at your leisure.

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