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About the Developer/Instructors

Fred Payne

Fred Payne is a nationally known teacher, spiritual frequency healer & subtle energy researcher. He is the founder, developer and instructor of Phoenix Vibrational Healing™. With over 35 years of experience in the metaphysical sciences including sacred geometry, vibrational and frequency healing and subtle energy phenomena, tools for healing and growth are thoroughly explored in his training workshops and public presentations.

Through his own personal healing journey and that of thousands of others he has gained the ability to facilitate quantum shifts in healing and consciousness for entire groups of participants. Using principals of quantum physics, he is capable of tapping into the morphogenetic field of those present to assist them in clearing blockages to higher awareness and consciousness nearly instantaneously.

Fred’s research has generated unique approaches to subtle energy healing and energy psychology using Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geometric Healing Codes & Symbols and The Sacred Language of Light and Geometry. This consistent Spiritual focus has resulted in the development of more than 6000 clearing techniques and modalities to facilitate the transmutation of discordant energy and blockages from the human subtle anatomy and consciousness and the Earth environment.

In 1992 he created and founded Transformational BlissÔ Essences & Elixirs, his line of powerful vibrational healing products. These tools promote accelerated personal growth, assist in protection for the healing practitioner, assist a client base and provide Earth Harmonization tools to counteract natural and man-made noxious energies.

The Creator has entrusted Fred with a unique ability to distill the essence from an extensive body of healing knowledge and practice. His teaching methods and techniques are lucid, down-to-earth and easily understood by all. He is skilled in fielding questions and providing succinct answers that immediately impact the student’s reality and consciousness. In his constant quest for higher Truth, he has become an accomplished intuitive channel capable of psychically transmitting knowledge and ability to his students to foster retention and rapid application of the training. Throughout the workshops, blocks, barriers and issues are cleared to accomplishing the techniques effectively. A series of attunements and empowerments are also conducted to enhance the abilities of the practitioner. This vast knowledge base coupled with these exceptional healing tools support individuals to accelerate their personal growth at quantum levels with ease and comfort.

Fred believes that human beings are amazingly powerful co-creators endowed with limitless qualities and abilities by the Creator of All That Is. Fred also subscribes to the theory that most, if not all problems of the human condition are the result of blockages to the flow of vital life force energy throughout the body and energy field. Fred’s teachings are premised by the assertion, “You can do nothing about anything of which you are unaware” and all of his events purvey higher levels of awareness. These events have been described as “life altering” by many.

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